This Time I didn't cheat You

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1st April 2013, my phone reminded me the date. Tapping the screen,I searched the contact list and finally found your name. My brain was urging me to press the call button but there was something that created repulsive force between the button and my finger. Finally, after a long musing, I pressed the key. My heart started to beat fast.
Someone picked up the phone. "Hello !"
"Hi" I said.
"Who is the one I am speaking to ?"
"It is really hard for me to tell who I am. Better, you can take it as an 'call from an ananymous'." I said
" what message has this ananymous got for me ?" He inquired.
"Nothing much. Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday" I said in my changed voice.
"Thats great. Thank you Miss Unknown" He might have smiled while saying this, I assumed.
"I guess you know many things about me, don't you? He seemed interested to keep the conversation going.
"You can suppose" I said unintrestingly.
Everytime, when I used to hear his voice,I used to turn emotional. I felt like revealing everything. Moron, it is me , the girl to whom you talked so much online and one day suddenly you said ,"This is our last conversation. Now don't expect me to talk with you."
" I know something about you ?Do we know each other ?" The voice shifted my attention towards the call.
I felt blank. Neither could I reveal the truth, nor could I lie him.......once again.
"Do all the people who talk to you are known to you ?" I asked in an attempt to evade the question.
"Umm...No.But you are the one I want to know about" He seemed curious.
"But why do you want to know ? What good will it do to you ?" I questioned.
"I give in. So you don't want to reveal anything about you ?"
"Exactly" I said with delight.
"I feels so insane that I am conversing with a person whom I have neither known nor seen" He said with a sigh.
"Thats the best part of this conversation"
"So shall I name you Miss Blank?" He asked.
"What " I was suddenly filled with disgust.
"Answer me. Can I call you by this name, Miss Blank ?" He seemed to be in a jolly mood.
" You did that already"
Nonsense. It suggests me what we find at the end of each chapter of school textbook- 'Fill in the blanks'.
"And what shall I call you...."
"Why ? Why are you christening me ? You know my name already" He interrupted in middle.
“I'll call you 'K'. Is that okay ?” I said emphasizing on 'K' and giggled.
“So I am the last part of your name ?” He pointed out.
“Heyy...I didn't even notice that ! Anyways thats cool.”
I was beginning to forget everything that happened in the past and live the moment.
“Guess what, I had a friend who was just like you.”
“Oh, who ? Tell me.” I was keen to know.
“A friend. Actually I miss her at this moment. ” He said.
Babe,Is it really me whom you are thinking of ...I always thought you never cared a bit about me.
“Can I know her name ? Well...why don't you talk to her ? Maybe she would also be missing you at this moment or every second that passes.” I suddenly became sentimental.
“Is it you? Am I right ?Tell me..” He threw a volley of questions infront of me.
“Whom are you talking about ?” I pretended as if It wasn't me.
“You know listening to your voice,I felt as if it was my friend. You know I loved her..but I never told her.” After listening this I was not in a state to say anything. So I cut the phone.
I know you identified me again. But this time I wasn't cheating you. I just wanted to see a smile on your face. I thought and broke into tears.

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