The Red Haired Waitress (Part 1)

May 18, 2013
"Yo Estevan, who's that new waitress?" Estevan looks toward the pretty red haired girl. "Oh, that's Dru, she started working here yesterday. She's beautiful isn't she?" "Dru, oh even her name sounds beautiful , um question Estevan are you going to finish your coffee?" Estevan looks at his untouched coffee,"No, I suppose not, why?" "Because we are going to need some napkins to clean up the mess." I say. "What mess?" "This one." I say as I spill the coffee. "Oh no Estevan! Look at the mess you made! Waitress, Waitress! Some napkins for my friend has made a big mess!" Just as I predicted the Red Haired waitress came my way with some napkins. " I'm so sorry,Estevan is rather clumsy and knocks everything in his way!" Estevan glared at me while he helped clean up the mess. The waitress smiled "Oh it's no problem. Hello Estevan, how nice to see you again." "Hello Dru, sorry I am a bit clumsy today," said Estevan. I cleared my throat, and gave Estevan the look that said " I call dibs." So you wanna go on a date with me?" I said to Dru. She smiled and slipped the rag in her apron,"No." she says. "Great, I'll see you Saturday night, let's say around 8? Wait no?!" I exclaimed. She gives me a smile full of pity "No." she says ,as she leaves. I quickly follow her to the cashier. "No? Well why not; and don't tell me cause you have plans," I say. " Oh no I'm perfectly free Saturday, I just don't want to," she says cleaning the table top. My mouth drops. " You don't want to?! But I'll make it worth while I swear!" She again gives me the pity smile " Sorry, I'm just not interested. Oh wow look at the time, my shift is over. I must be going then, goodbye, nice to meet you," she said as she left the store. I walked back to where Estevan was hopelessly laughing. I sat down " What's funny?" I ask a little to mad. "Dude she rejected you big time! All that for nothing! Boy I bet you feel dumb!" I glared at him.

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