Forever Together

May 14, 2013
Forever together

My phone vibrated on the wooden table. I jumped out of my chair from across the room and picked up my phone. It was Jake from down the street. My heart fluttered a little as I answered the call.

“Hey! It’s Lexi,” I realized after I said my name that he had called me and would already know what my name is.

“Hello beautiful, come over now.” He said in the deepest voice he possibly could.

“Jake, it’s eight-thirty. It’s too late to come over.” I knew I could leave if I wanted to but I had to torture him a little more.

“Lexi…please. I miss you. Just watch one movie with me and you can go. It’s a Friday night.” I did enjoy watching movies with him, I thought.

“Fine. It better not be a horrible action movie like Mission Impossible 3.” That was the worst movie we’ve ever watched together…like ever.

“Ok fine, leave now, ok?” And with that he hung-up I smiled to myself like some in-love fool and ran down stairs. I saw it was raining out but not too hard. I opened the class door and shut it behind me. I dashed down the driveway and off to his house. As I ran down the road (because there were hardly any sidewalks in Fitchburg) I saw a figure running towards me. Short, thing, and dressed in all purple the figure came towards me. As the figure slowed down and approached me I saw it was Jake with an umbrella. He opened it and held it over both of our heads. His purple skinny jeans and tight shirt were soaked with rain gently falling on the pavement.

“Hi.” He whispered so quietly it was almost taken away with the wind. His hair crystallized with tiny beads of water, were falling into his fudge colored eyes.

“Hi.” I whispered back a little louder than necessary. He jumped, startled by my single word, like he didn’t expect me to answer.
“I love you.” Those three words he whispered were the words I’d been waiting years to hear. My vision got blurry and my ears ran with excitement.

“I love you.” I said as happy as could be. His face was the most beautiful I’d ever seen it. He lit-up like a lite-brite. A car drove by blasting One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber. We giggled and he leaned his forehead against mine. He slowly put his cool lips against mine and we kissed. The fireworks you hear in movies and Nicholas Sparks books went off when our lips met. And at that moment we both knew, we were to be forever together.

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