May 4, 2013
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Once upon a time there was a girl, Mazzie, who lived in an apartement with her pet squirrel, 100 years ago. Mazzie found her squirrel, Zax, one day in a forest while she was picking strawberries for her dinner. Mazzie didn’t know what Zax was actually capable of. Zax had been turned into a squirrel by an evil witch who held a grudge against him, because of his good looks. Even though the witch was clearly a woman, she thought it wasn’t fair for a person to be that beautiful looking. Zax was a commoner who had a magic power within himself, and only love could trigger his power, Zax knew of his capability. The evil witch disappeared the moment Zax turned into a squirrel.
One day, Mazzie was petting and carresing Zax in the living room. Suddenly, the chandelier on the ceiling started to shake. In a matter of minute, Maz and Zax knew what was happening. Before Mazzie could have the chance to escape, the chandelier fell on her and she died on the spot. Zax, being in love with Mazzie, saw the love of his life drowned in her pool of blood. He couldn’t take it, and he suddenly felt his power coming back to him. Before he could save her, the ceiling plunged on him, and he died beside her.
After the earthquake stopped, the evil witch flew into the ruins of the apartment and saw a body of human and a squirrel she knew she cursed. Mazzie and Zax resurrected because of the spell which the evil witch casted on them. The fact that the witch was evil, she planted an evil mind inside Mazzie. She didn’t want to do good deeds without her getting anything out of doing so. She predicted bad things would come and Zax would be suffering once he found out about how evil his true love was.
Zax came back to life earlier than Mazzie,and he felt the wounds in his body starting to heal. He was there to witness the insertion of the evil mind into Mazzie. Lasers shot out of his delicate hazel eyes and they hit the witch straight into her heart. He had killed the witch by the power of love. The witch collapsed into the floor, and it was all too late. Mazzie’s mind had been infected. The witch turned into dust as Zax, once again, used his magic power.
Zax caught the color of Mazzie’s eyes as she started to open them. They were red, the color of devil. Zax came to the realization that not only was Mazzie’s mind planted by evil notions; it was also possessed by part of the devil that lived inside the witch. Now that the witch was dead, the devil inside the witch was fully transferred into Mazzie.
Mazzie tried to stand up, but she failed at the first attempt. After a while, she overcame her wobbly knees, and she started to kill the surviving victims of the earthquake. She murdered them by stabbing them with a sharp rock. Zax watched it all with his eyes, and he started to cry. Mazzie had forgotten about her past life, therefore she had forgotten about Zax, her pet squirrel as well. The tears that Zaxshed slowly turned him into a human again. The tears that he cried, the tears of love, had ended the curse. He gradually transformed into a man he once was. He touched his face, he felt his body. His sadness over Mazzie overcame the happiness he was supposed to feel of being a man again.
He started to run to catch up with Mazzie. He would do anything to stop her from being the person she actually wasn’t. After a few minutes of panting and sweating, he finally found her. She was walking towards nowhere, and her hands were covered in blood. The stone that she was holding had turned into a wand. He recognized the wand that she was holding; it was the wand the witch used to turn him into a squirrel. He knew what he had to do to help her, no matter how much the pain it would cause him.
He made his way to her without making any noise. He grabbed her shoulder, and he caught her by surprise. Before Mazzie knew what to do, Zax took away the wand and casted a spell on the two of them. The devil inside Mazzie transferred into Zax in a snap. Mazzie was back being herself and she screamed at the top of her lungs, shocked by what she was seeing infront of her eyes. She knew how the magic worked, but never thought she would witness it herself. Zax now was possessed by the devil. The devil had to be in someone’s body, or else it would escape and turn Earth into a second hell.
Zax knew that he was a strong man, and he knew that he would fight back the devil as long as he could. While he was struggling to keep his mind straight he walked away from the screaming Mazzie. He turned around and said I love you to her. He continued walking while feeling the pain that kept getting worse every second. He pointed the wand at his heart and casted a death spell on him. He died within a second, along with the devil inside him.
Mazzie saw what happened, and finally stopped screaming. She made her way to the corpse of a man she didn’t know knew. She started to sit on the ground, and observe this man’s face.She checked the pulse in his neck, when accidently she touched his hair.

The feeling of caressing this stranger’s hair was familiar to her.

She finally understood why this stranger did such thing. Tears welled up inside her eyes, making their way onto her used-to-be-squirrel’s face. She hugged him tightly while saying
I love you too

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