The One

April 16, 2013
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I walked alone on Kingston beach admiring the beauty of the water and remembering all of the time we had spent here. Holding each other and watching the sun set onto the crystal clear water. The sun sets with the most beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow painted on top of the clear blue water, slowly dipping lower and lower until all you can see is the last slimmer of sun.

Walking along the shoreline collecting shells and making pictures in the sand. But what I loved the most was when you took me to the beach for a picnic and as it started raining you ran, swooped me off my feet and quickly ducked under the pier. You looked into my eyes and said
"Do you know why I love you?"
"Because you do?" I replied with a smile on my face.
"No," he laughed "Because your perfection."
I looked at him puzzled, "I'm far from perfection."
"You, my love, are the perfect definition of perfection. Your eyes are as blue as the Caribbean waters, your hair as dark as the midnight sky, your lips as soft as silk..." he trailed off staring at me. I looked into his deep blue eyes and got lost in them. Before I knew it I was pulled back into reality when he embraced me with the most soft, beautiful kiss of my life and I realized he is the one.

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SoulPoetry said...
May 16, 2013 at 7:51 pm
love love love LOVE this! it's so sweet and romantic
roseycub replied...
May 17, 2013 at 12:39 am
Thank you! that means so much!  
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