Don't Lie

April 7, 2013
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The auditorium was barely lit, the faint glow of the greenroom lights the only thing lighting the path for the two shadows wandering slowly across the empty stage for reasons concerning their need to be alone. They were silent as they meandered by the heavy red curtains; neither had said a word since they had entered the vast room. Both were thinking furiously, wondering what to say to the other when the time came. The first shadow, a girl, made a sound as if to speak, but faltered at glance towards the other’s face. She bit her lip nervously, battling the emotion inside. How had it come to this? She had tried desperately, so desperately, to rid herself of the stirrings, making every attempt she could to dissuade them; and yet here she was, heart was racing, the mere closeness of the figure’s presence enough to make it beat faster than she would have believed possible. Her hand twitched nervously, brushing against the others; yet neither made a move to clasp them together.

She stopped walking as they reached the center of the back wall, leaning against it as she crossed her arms. “So.” She smiled faintly, directing her words at the ground.
“You wanted to talk?”

The figure nodded silently, eyes glinting in the darkness.

“What about?”

“We need to stop lying to each other.”

The words echoed through the empty room, giving an eerie feeling to the stillness around them.

“lying?” the girl shifted slightly. It was evident that though her words spoke differently, she knew exactly what was being asked. “I don’t know what you’re talking abou—“ her words were cut off by a sharp intake of breath as the figure pinned her to the wall.

“C’mon, Suki.” The figure gave a frustrated growl. “Don’t tell me you don’t like this.” she dipped her head and gave her a sharp nip on the neck, then caught her lips in a kiss, surprisingly gentle given the rough words spoken a moment before. The girl moved her head, breaking the kiss and deliberately avoiding the figure’s gaze.


“No.” The frustration was replaced by determination. “Don’t lie to me. Please.”

“But I—“

“NO. Just stop.” Dark eyes filled with pain. “Stop lying. Please. I need you to tell me the truth. Do you like it when I kiss you?”

A murmured “yes”, a reluctantly truthful word held back for far too long.

“Do you like it when I hold you?”

“y- yes…”

Then came the whisper. “Do you love me?”


The figure bent her head and locked their lips in a kiss so fierce with passion that it took their breath away.

Suki leaned forwards into the kiss, relishing the feeling of another body pressed against, needing, hers. She realized instantly she was caught, lost hopelessly in a whirlwind of time-hardened emotions that swept all other thought away. Nothing existed except them, that moment, that kiss growing stronger and more desperate by the minute.

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