The Woman Who Taught the Man Trust

March 30, 2013
There once was a couple, who could never be apart. They spent their Summers swimming, and their Winters cuddling all night long. They never shed tears, and wherever he went, she went. If she was gone, you would automatically know he was gone too. But there was a day, when all of this changed, and the Winters were filled with screaming and yelling. The tears rolling down both their cheeks, and eyes full of envy and jealousy. Afraid to lose one another, they fought themselves and begged and pleaded, but what was missing was their trust. Like a blossom ready to bloom, but it’s growth stopped by the flooding of the river, their love was coming to an abrupt end. His hands had slashed a knife inside the most precious jewel he would ever have, her heart. And slowly, she rested her head on his arms and begged him to follow her when she was gone. But he ran away to look for new life, and when he had finally become a celebrity, he died. His brain had been damaged and his therapy stopped working. His lungs filled with water, and his rib cage was broken.
His hands hurt inside, and he could not play anymore. And he had black spots on his skin, like those when you get sick of playing aorund with random women. And even though, he still didn’t want to admit to God that he was the one who killed her. His pride was struck and broken in two, reality slapped him in the face like a baseball bat. And the stars looked down from above, “Boy, that man was a whole lot of trouble.” And he soon realized that he couldn’t join her in the Heavens for he must go to the under world, down there where demons lurk and burn you to ashes until dawn. His skin rotted and her face shune from the sky. He licked the gorund to find a taste, she tasted the clouds that felt like cotton. He tried to fly, but ended up failing and dying while dead. His feet could no longer survive any damage. When she realized he had learned his lesson, she came up to him one morning and said, “God bless you my love for all you’ve done is terrible, and before I could trust you again you must trust me once more too.” And he knew he had to trust her, she was more beautiful than ever. And so they flew away in the Summer breeze, swimming in the deep sea called sky, and cuddling in the white smoke called clouds. They somewhat lived happily, ever, after.

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