I'll Love You Forever, Forever and Always

February 28, 2013
I paced back in forth of my living room, my eyes moving from the window to the clock and back to the window. It was nearing 6:00, we should be eating dinner right now. We should be laughing at all the funny things that had happened today, and i could complain about who annoyed me today. He'd be telling me what happened at work today, if they made any good sales. He should be right in front of me. I knew i was slightly overreacting, but i guess that's how newlyweds are.
I looked down at the beautiful diamond ring that my beautiful husband had given to me, and sighed. I was eager to see his face, craving the smell of his cologne and longing to have him hold me in his arms. Then, i heard it. the slight squeaking on the asphalt and soft sound of tire wheels. My head jolted up, like a puppy whose owner just walked through the door, and turned my head to the window.
Of course, it isn't Tyler. Just our friendly neighbor Mrs. Richardson in her cream colored PT Cruiser, returning from work.
I made my way to the front door and rushing to my next door neighbor's, not even thinking about shutting the door.
"Excuse me Mrs. Richardson!" I said.
"Oh, hello,dear! How are you today?" she asked in her sweet, friendly tone.
"I'm doing fine thank you...or actually no I'm not. Have you or your husband seen Tyler at all today?"
"Oh..I don't believe so..is everything alright dear?" she asked, concerned.
"I hope so," i replied, looking of into the sunset.
"Well, i'll pray that everything turns out okay. You deserve the best Ms. Summer."
"Thank you. I appreciate it."
I walked back into my house, feeling an odd cold breeze on my shoulders as i shut the door and leaned hard against it. Why isn't he here? What if he's hurt? Got into an accident? Or worse...killed?
"Oh Summer, stop overreacting, he's probably..arriving late..yeah that's it!" I told myself. However my little therapy was barely working. I went over to check the phone, and it started ringing. "992-343-0099," it read. It sounded extremely unfamiliar, however my heart pounding practically out of my chest was telling me It was important.
I cleared my throat as I greeted whoever was on the other line.
...And the rest is a blur.
As my vision grew grey from tears, i ran to the coat hanger, grabbed my sweater, bag, and keys and I was out the door. I could see the Richardsons watching me carefully and I knew God was sending me their prayers.
The drive seemed a lifetime long, when i finally arrived. I made my way into a large, and uncomfortably unfamiliar building named "Manhattan General Hospital."
This can't be happening, this shouldn't be happening...
I walked in,tugging on my sweater, attempting to make myself warmer.
I walked up to the front desk and said:"Excuse me, but I've received a call saying my husband was sent here."
"May i ask the name of your husband ma'am?" The lady asked, her glasses and dark skin staring right at me in a serious way making me want to crawl in a ball.
"Um, Tyler Christopher Laumand."
"And your name?"
"Summer Louise Laumand. But my maiden name is Parkens"
"I see...hmm...You guys are so young, 19! You must not have been married for very long?"
"Going on two months actually."
"Alright," she said as she nodded with a face so unsure. "Now go up the elevator. They'll be waiting for you."
"Thank you i appreciate it." I said as i fake smiled and made my over to the elevator.
And just like she mentioned they were waiting. I saw people in white coats and masks, and then one made his way over to me, telling me everything. It felt like a kick in the stomach.
"No,...no....NO!!! Not Tyler, not MY HUSBAND!" I screamed inside my head.
My tears started coming and coming hard, as the doctor led me to room 67.
There was my beautiful Tyler, his brown hair messy, eyes swollen, and smile broken, but still beautiful. All connected to monitors. I never thought I'd be staring at the most wonderful person in the world, in this horrible circumstance,
"Summer," he croaked out.
"Tyler..Baby don't leave me! We have a future, remember the children we're going to have! And traveling..all our plans. Tyler don't go!"
"Baby, I...I can't promise anything like that...but I promise that.." His eyes started getting twitchy and sad, as the monitor slowed down.
"I'll love you forever, forever and always. Please just remember, even if i'm not there, but I love you."
His eyes shut and the monitor made it's final beep. I kissed his lips, and laid my head down on his now dead, yet still beautiful, body.

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