Breaking Free

March 21, 2013
A young, handsome man stared sadly at a painting of his beautiful wife, Brianna. Memories of her flooded his mind, as fresh tears flowed freely down his face. He gently placed his hand on the magnificent painting. The painter had captured her beauty quite well though it could never do her justice.

The sun flashed brilliantly through the sky as the beautiful winged creature flew through the invisible portal, into the time vortex. In earlier days she would take him into that entirely different world. Freedom would be evident on her face whenever she flew. Even though she could never stay in that world forever she soaked in every minute of it, escaping into that world only to be faced with bitter disappointment at having to return back to the human world. She always put on a brave face for her friends when she returned because she would plan another escape. If she ever got married then it would cost her the price of her wings. How could she ever give such an amazing gift away?

Out of his tears the husband smiled to himself, and thought, "Thank you for showing me the world. Now you're in heaven where you can fly again for eternity."

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