The Outcast

March 21, 2013
Kyle stood alone on the street corner, just like every other day of the school year. Cleo watched, her heart breaking for him, but she knew she couldn’t go talk to him. Her friends would hate her forever. But as she watched, as if he felt her eyes, Kyle looked up, his black eyes meeting hers. A smile flicked across his face, and Cleo felt her own flush. When the bus stopped, Kyle climbed on, and took his usual seat. His eyes flashed into hers, before he opened a book, and started to read. Cleo barely paid attention to her friend’s conversation, her mind confused. She knew what she wanted, but she also knew what was expected. Kyle was considered an outsider, a freak. His family had just moved to town, and at first he was accepted, but then the story of why he lived with his aunt was made known, he was shunned. In a mostly Christian community, anyone who didn’t attend the regular Sunday service was considered a lover of Satan. One with his background was considered Satan himself. When he had been part of the accepted, Cleo would have admitted to a crush on him, but now she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t be placed in the same category. But she was pretty certain that Kyle was worth it. The few times she had talked to him, he had been sweet, smart, and pleasant. He was also a lot cuter than the other guys in her class. Cleo knew he was from Chicago, and that he was probably dangerous, but the part of her that opposed rules was telling her to go for it. She knew where he hung out, and she began to form a plan in her head. It would be fairly easy to fool her friends. They weren’t too close to her anyway. Cleo’s day went by far quicker than she expected, and soon it was time for her to set her plan in motion.

Kyle sat on his usual park bench, his headphones in, but his mind wasn’t on his music. His mind was on the blue eyed Cleo. He could read it in her eyes she wanted him, but he knew she wouldn’t go against her friends, or her family. But the small part of his brain that still had hope, was whispering that maybe, just maybe she was willing to give up her perfect life for him. He silently snorted. Yeah right. No one ever went for the loser loner. The rumors about his past had ruined any chance he’d had at a normal life in this town. Even though they weren’t entirely true, his aunt told him to just leave well enough alone. But it still bothered him that the only girl he wanted didn’t want him. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of yelling. He turned to see a group of boys, standing in a circle. He heard a high, feminine voice. His heart rate accelerated, when he realized that the voice belonged to Cleo. He didn’t recognize the group of boys, so he knew they didn’t go to the high school. He jumped up at the sound of a scream. He was across the park, and inside the circle before he could even think about what he was doing. Cleo was standing in the center of the ring, her face tear stained, and her clothes dirty.
“What’s going on?” Kyle asked, his voice angry, and much louder than he normally spoke. Cleo quickly moved behind him, her hand on his arm. Without thinking, Kyle put his arms around her, and pulled her close to his side.
“Is this b**** yours?” Kyle’s head turned towards the speaker. He was a big fellow, with an earring, and a buzzcut. He didn’t look like the nicest guy. Kyle swallowed hard.
“Yeah. She’s mine.”
The big guy laughed.
“Well, tell her to keep her mouth shut. No one had better find out ‘bout what’s been going on”
Kyle nodded, and was realieved when the group moved away. He watched as the group of thugs moved towards two black SUVs. After they had driven away, Kyle became aware of Cleo’s shaking. He gently guided her back to his bench, and pulled his water bottle out of his backpack, and handed it to her. She took it without a word, and drank for a long time. She handed it back to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. Kyle couldn’t keep the smile from his face.
“What was that all about?” He asked,
She pulled away from his shoulder, and looked away.
“My dad works with some pretty important people, and they were warning me to keep my mouth shut, because they think I know something. But I don’t”
“Okay. Why did you scream?”
Cleo blushed.
“I got scared. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about parks.”
Kyle laughed. Cleo smiled at him.
“How come you were in the park anyway?” Kyle asked.
“Well, I knew this was where you normally hang out, and I wanted to talk to you"
"You wanted to talk to me? Why? Aren't you're friends wondering where you are?"
"My friends can get over it. And I wanted to talk to you about us going out sometime."
Kyle's face displayed so much shock, Cleo couldn't help but laugh.
"You want to go out sometime? What about my reputation?"
"I don't give a damn about your reputation. I like you.
Kyle felt the biggest grin of his life split across his face.
"In that case, I'd love to go out with you sometime"
Cleo smiled, and laid her head back on his shoulder.
Kyle's heart soared. Maybe living here wouldn't be that bad.

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