In the Dark of the Night

March 15, 2013
By Nyson PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
Nyson PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
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It was that dream again. The one where I'm a young boy running through the rain again. I tripped over a crack in the road and as I laid there, I looked up and noticed the bright red of my eyes. It was then that I awoke gasping and in a cold sweat. Looking over I saw that it was only 3 AM and realized it would be another long night without sleep. The sun broke through my window and stole the restless slumber from me.

I got dressed and jumped downstairs to be greeted by Grandma Lindsay and Grandpa Richard. He snagged some toast from the table and ran out the door. As he walked to school he was greeted by his friend who was already dripping with sweat and covered in dirt. "Have you been chasing the squirrels again Riley?" With a smirk he looks at me in feign offense "You honestly think I would degrade myself was a car and in my defense it had ham in it". I simply smiled at this and closed my eyes at my reckless and animalistic young friend.
As we reached the school Riley had the privilege of changing into his backup clothes even if it was a little dishevelled. Still we could wear anything we wanted to and it'd still be trending, after all subjects bow to their kings. As the 2 hottest guys in this school we are unstoppable although it's more cause of who we are overall. Still I never get tired of the endless girls who try to get close to us, but it's pointless. I've never been one for romance or any of that, I always looked at girls like toys in my giant box of uselessness. Riley simply sighed as his locker was once again filled with love notes. It was irritating to say the least, but after a good 10 minutes of sorting from throw aways to burns we made our way to class though we didn't care. We got to class late and the teacher berated us for our continued tardiness, I shrugged it off and took up my usual desk in the back of the class. As class dragged on I found myself once again staring out the window like always though today the view had been better for being the same view of the school as it has been. But this time my eyes were drawn to the young blond hastily making her way across the courtyard and Riley noticed my peaked interest looking over to see what the deal was. He smiled in that mocking form of his and I looked over not entertained by that expression of his, staying calm i merely asked him "what"? With a reply he looked out at the empty courtyard and back at me "Just wondering what captured your interest so much, and I must say she is quite a catch" he snickered before full out laughing. The teacher turned towards us and brought us up to solve the problem since we thought the lesson was so funny, I shot Riley a glare well he wiped a tear away. Of course I answered it no problem but the teacher still had no problem giving me a detention for the outburst. The bell rang and as soon as we left class I gave Riley a swift punch in the arm and he simply rubbed his shoulder mouthing an ow and bringing me some satisfaction. I was about to chew him out but I came across the same blond haired beauty from earlier and I quickly tensed up. Riley noticed this and gave me a push in her direction, causing me to silently curse under my breath. She noticed me stumble and gave me a quizzical look, she walked towards me and I watched her curls bounce with each step. "Are you okay?" she asked me with a voice like she was born a pixie, and with her features I wouldn't be surprised. I quickly pushed aside the blood that rushed to my face as I worked hard to keep my composure "yeah I'm fine" I said with my most convincing grin. She definitely out-smiled me though those pearly whites just glittering in my otherwise dark world.
I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day even during gym when we were running the track. I decided to try and take my mind off her with a game of basketball and sure enough it did help. The girls couldn't keep their eyes off me and Riley as once again the kings take the eyes of their subjects in with high honor. I usually paid them no mind but out in the crowd I noticed a bobbing little curl and saw that famous grin before blacking out. When I woke up later I noticed I was in the infirmary and thought to myself 'this sucks how did I end up here'. A delightfully sunny pair of eyes looked down at me and giggled and though I wasn't up to my usual strength I could still slug him pretty good. "How did I end up here" he eventually stopped giggling in fits of pain to answer me "well the gist of it is, you got slammed with a ball well you were distracted so I carried your sorry butt up here". Great, bested by sports equipment cause of some girl, I am really something else, I heard the nurse talking and wondered who else could be here. "He's just in there Cynthia but be wary, the king might be a little cranky after suffering that injury" Of course she would say that, you snap at a nurse ONE time. She pulled back the curtain and stared at the bandage wrapping my silk black hair with a look of sadness. "You poor thing you must be in a lot of pain" and to prove her wrong I sat up and looked her dead in the eye "nah, trust me I've suffered way worse then this". Riley flashed me a knowing grin because he knew where that was coming from, I merely glanced his way and smirked myself before turning back to the girl "So your name's Cynthia huh?" she blushed at this and giggled a yes before asking my own of course. "The name is Dexter, although i just use Dex, because Dexter would never grant me my kingly title around here" Riley slipped out at some point and went unnoticed to me as I was to wrapped up in this beautiful creature before me. As the day came to a close I was still in class serving my detention and had at some point fell asleep, awaking to a full moon glittering through the window.

I walked through the hollow halls and out into the chilly nighttime air when my eyes detected something foul. It was Cynthia face to face with the unholy offspring of death and blood-lust. I felt my blood boil and proceeded to rip the flag pole out of its concrete trap. With a mighty swing I hurled the meal pole straight towards the monster "CYNTHIA DUCK" I screamed as she dropped to the floor in time for me to nail the monster straight into the wall. As the creature turned to ash Cynthia looked back in an expression of horror at the red eyes that glowed before her. She ran and by the time I had calmed down from my fit of rage she had disappeared, and with it my dark secret.

The author's comments:
Just a little experiment I am hoping to do a sequel but I wanted to get this started.

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