At My Own Will

March 13, 2013
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At My Own Will
We all have that one guy, that just looks at you us and our knees start to buckle. For me it was Will. He was a star athlete at the high school I attended, number one in our class and looked like an Abercrombie Model. Every girl at Highlands Ranch High School wanted to be his girl. Even teachers would crack a smile when looking into those oceans colored blue eyes. He was perfect.

However, I wanted to be different. It was being different that got you noticed, by a guy on his level. My game plan was to act like he didn’t exist, like his charm couldn’t affect me, guy hated stuff like that. It was my senior year the first time he actually came up and talked to me. We happened to be in the same Math class. He would start pointless conversations and I would act like I was bored out of my mind, which caught his eye. In the hallways he’d case me down just to talk to me. Normally our conversations were extremely random. However, one day everything completely changed.

“What are you doing this weekend?” he said. My heart dropped. Did those words seriously just come out of his godly mouth? As much as I wanted to blurt out NOTHING. I took a breath in. I told myself “play it cool Kristi, he dates girls in college. You’ve got to be mature”. He looked right into my eyes as if searching for an answer. “Well I have plans…why do you ask?” I said, hoping it was the correct response. “Well I think we should hand out”. He stated. My life did a complete one eighty after that day.

Will and I went on our first date and it was absolutely amazing. We went ice-skating and had hot coco then after we watched movies together and cuddled. It was ideal. I felt like all of my hard work of playing hard to get had paid off. Who would have known that this would ever happen? I didn’t question it I just embraced it. I kept up the mind games to always keep him on his toes. He says that he’s never felt this way before and I hope that he is right.

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