How to Fall in Love: A beginers guide

March 7, 2013
By hopeforpeace SILVER, Boise, Idaho
hopeforpeace SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Step 1: Pick a boy
This step is arguably the hardest. So… personal. Yet instructions are the same for everyone. Pick someone. Who is not important to me. Is to you, however. All I can say it that it must Seeem right. That is the only advice one can give. Once you have your boy, you may move on to step 2.
Step 2: Become informed
You may not spend as much time on this step as the first one as you may have gotten some of information as a tool to how you picked your boy but this step is here in caSee yodidnt’t. This is the step you find some crucial information about the boy you picked. WARNING! Do not become a stalker in name of this step. Also don’t let him find out you’re looking into him. That Seeems creepy to boys. All you need is general information which can be achieved by asking around. If you have never spoken to this boy you have picked this may give you a chance to make polite conversation but it is not necessary for the completion of this step. If at any part of this step you find that you did not, in fact, pick the correct boy, then I would suggest returning to step 1(you may do this at any point in the process if you deem it necessary).When you feel you know enough information that you could hold up a conversation about him with one of his friends (which, admitting should not be that difficult) you should be ready to continue to step 3.
Step 3: Making contact
Unlike the first two steps this is different for each person. To start you must decide if you are ready to talk to the boy you picked. Anyone who took the initiative to ask questions specifically to the boy during the completion of step 2 should be more than ready for this. For thoSee of whoo didn’t, that does not mean you should not speak to the boy you picked. If you have the courage, simply of salutations next time you Seee him in the hallway. If even this is beyond you, perhaps simply a smile in his direction would do the trick. It can be the slightest thing. Whatever “contact” means to you should suffice. After contact is made, proceed to step 4.
Step 4: Smiling
Every person on this Earth (with the exception of evil criminals and psychopath killers) will like you a little bit more if you smile. So, the next time the boy you picked looks at you, smile as if you’re glad he looked at you (and you should be glad he looked at you). Smiling will make him want to look again. And hopefully again. And once more for good measure. The more you smile, the more ready you will be for step 5.
Step 5: Become his friend
There have been myths made that once you have become a boy’s friend, that is all you will be, but this is not the caSee. Besides, if you’re not his friend, what will you do with thee information you’ve gathered about him? Put it on a shelf? (PleaSee tell me you haven’t put the information on a shelf) The best way to uSee it is to ask your boy questions. If he is into a sport, ask him about it. People like to talk about themSeelves, so make him. It shouldn’t be hard. The other advantage of being his friend is that you will grow comfortable around him. This will be good for thoSee who had trouble talking to him on step 3. Just try not to become too comfortable. While being friends with him is good, he may begin to think you only want to be friends. That is when you would be stuck.
Step 6: A date
There are Seeveral ways this step can be accomplished. The easiest (and most direct) would be to just ask him yourSeelf, but the prospect of this can Seeem daunting. There is an Ok chance he will ask you, if fact you may be thrown into the step when you thought you were still in step 5. If this is the caSee, don’t worry steps are going too fast, be happy that the boy you choSee wants you as well. If he hasn’t asked you yet, there’s no need to worry. A boy can be as afraid of being rejected by you as you are being rejected of him. If you don’t want to Seeem too forward, try inviting him on a group date. The real purpoSee on this step is to show him you’re interested. That is the only way you can find if he is interested too. I hope you are not too invested by this stage becauSee your boy could very well reject you (or just never ask) at this step. If you are lucky enough to find your boy is into you then you’re ready for the next step
Step 7: Falling
You might think if you fall for a boy, you are already in love with him but this is not the caSee. To fall for someone is to trust someone with your Seecrets, your life and your heart. It is a test run and if your boy pasSees he’s ready for the next step.
Step 8: Love
Chances are you don’t need information about this step if you are living it. You’ve probably thrown this booklet away and are enjoying what so few get to. If you haven’t and you’re still reading becauSee you think I will give you any other important piece of information I’m sorry to inform you, the story ends here. This is as far as anyone has ever gotten. So congrats! And enjoy what you have for the rest of your life. If you’re reading this becauSee you got to step 7 and got your heart broken, I have a important message for you. DON’T DESPARE! There are 6 billion people in this world and your time for love will come. Even if you have to go through the steps in this booklet a hundred times, it only takes once to find your own perfect love.

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