February 28, 2013
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Azanni finds out the truth about that Darius is only doing this out of sympathy for her because ever since they entered High school together they had went their separate ways. In a sense, He is trying to redeem himself but overlooks her feeling seeing she is only a mere friend to him in his eyes. In reality, even though Darius has gained friends over the time in high school Azanni always was a true never fading one towards him. But it seems Darius only did this because of Self Pity from her...Ever since then they haven't spoken one word to each other. Darius regrets how he did her that day and Azanni moved one and had a drastic change in her life.. Chapter 1: Friend Feelings Fading Characters:
Azanni Williams-A sixteen year old going on seventeen girl who is quite shy and she has a crush on her childhood friend Darius since they were in fifth grade. Her dreams is to become a dancer even though her parents don't approve of it. She is pretty smart and always gets teased because of it. She loves reading and quotes which she uses in her every day life. Azanni is apart of the unpopular crowd and spends so is now trying to find the courage to admit of him her feelings.

Darius Smith- A eighteen year old boy, who is your average athletic teenage boy. He is very known in his school and apart of the popular crowd. Darius is Azanni's childhood friend and he has always protected her since she was so easy to cry and never stood up for herself.

Waitress- A quite chatty middle aged Woman.

Narrator: Sums up everything that happens. He or she observes the whole scene.

(Scene opens up to Azanni and Darius, sitting at the table in a restaurant)

Darius: “Soooo …how does it feel to be seventeen Azanni?”

Azanni: “Oh, stop. It’s just a normal day, Darius..”
(Sighs, looking down at the table)

Darius: (Gives her a look) “We both know very well that today is far from a normal day! This day is everything! This is your seventeenth!

Azanni: (Looks up from the menu, trying to smile) “Oh, no no… I didn’t mean it like that. Of course I’m excited for the show… shows are my life. I don’t know, it’s just… I’m not happy like I should be. I don’t feel any different, you know? Same stress and worries all the same. Do I even look seventeen?”

Darius: (laughs) “Zanni, you’ve looked seventeen since freshman year, just take a deep breath. (pats her shoulder lightly) Can you just try to be happy, just for today? For me? (Teasingly) These reservations aren't easy to get, Stressy.”

Azanni: (shy) “I'm sorry; you know how I can get. I get caught up in everything. I just wish… never mind! I’m 17 now! “

(reaches over and pokes her forehead)

Darius: “Come on, You always have some clever quote to say right about now..”

Azanni: “Well not this time! (Shakes her head, then thinks about it for a moment) Okay, maybe I do but its not dealing with now, but that’s beside the point! They aren’t substantial enough. Why did I waste so much time dreaming about turning seventeen when I don't feel any different?”
(Azanni is now looking quite defeated as she leans on the table slightly)

-Darius shifts uncomfortably, not knowing how to respond. He ruffles his light hair nervously.-

Darius: “This is your day to be happy though, Zanni...So please turn that frown into a smile for me. I want to see that pretty smile of yours..” (reassuring smile)

Azanni: (blushes some but goes back to normal) “Thanks, but you don’t have to lie to me to make me feel better. I know my place..”

-Darius sighs because this speech is becoming repetitive. He puts a sympathetic hand on Azanni’s shoulder, talks amongst their selves, and waiter/waitress comes up-

(Both looks up, ordering their food)

Scene II

Scene opens up to the two, laughing and talking after finishing their food.

(Azanni excuses herself from the table.)

(Exit stage left)

Darius is now sitting at the table by hisself until the waiter/waitress starts to make conversation with him.

Waiter/Waitress: “Beautiful day out for a date!” (Comes to refills their glasses at the table)

Darius: (Surprised) (Eyes widen and is about to correct him) “Excuse me but--”

Waiter/Waitress: (Interrupts him) (remeniscing tone) “I remember the first date I came here, and it was…June…May? No! It was June because it was the month of my mother’s birthday....It was so hot that day. You youngins' are so blessed not to be in that heat!” (laughs)

Darius: “Oh, um… sort of I guess.(shrugs) You could say that. But..”

Waiter/Waitress: (Interrupts again) “ Funny, I wouldn’t really think you were the type of guy to take your girlfriend out on a date...You’re awfully sweet to take her here~ Some teens wouldn't dare to set foot in a restaurant like this, but not me! Independence I say!” (Salutes)

(Azanni Enters stage left slowly overhearing there conversation)

Darius: “Miss, She is just my friend and nothing more. I just came to celebrate her birthday with her. My guys told me to do this (shrugs)...”

(Waiter/Waitress gives him a concerned look and Darius is trying to stop the conversation)

Waiter/Waitress: “Right… I'll be back with your check sir”

(Waiter/Waitress exits stage right)

(Azanni sits back down)

Azanni: (smiles, acting like she didn't hear anything) “Had a good conversation? (S)he seems pretty enthusiastic..” (Laugh nervously, looking away)

Darius turns, confused, trying to figure out why she was acting so strange now.

Darius: (concerned) “Is something the matter? Are you still not feeling seventeen yet?”

Azanni doesn't respond but shakes her head no.

Darius: (frowns slightly) “Hey, you’re being weird now...” (Reaches out to poke her, trying to cheer her up)

(Azanni moves back before he can)

(Trying to come up with a excuse)
Azanni: (Stuttering, nervous) “I… I’m sorry. I was daydreaming again…One second I’m here, the next I’m in LaLa Land..”

Darius: You don’t need to keep apologizing. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken you here. I’m the one who’s sorry, I ruined your birthday in a sense I think..

Darius sighs and leans back in his chair. Azanni is considering telling Darius how she feels about him as she nervously shuffles her fingers. Lost in thought.

Azanni : Wait! Now you’re being weird! I’m happy you took me here though, so don’t you dare apologize for the best present I’ve ever gotten. Come on.(tries to seem happy)

Darius is knowing that she is lying because because she is acting all nervous and doesn't make eye contact with him.

Darius: “You're Lying Azanni..When You lie you can't even look at me in the face..”

Azanni doesn't responds, but it seemed that something is really bothering her.

(In a whisper)
Darius:(concerned tone)” What’s wrong?”

Azanni: “I like you Darius...”

Darius is surprised. As it catches him off guard.

Darius: “Ummmm....Zani, I really didn't know but-”

Azanni:(attitude) “I know i'm just a friend to you and nothing more...” (disappointed)

Darius is speechless now. Trying to rationalize it in his mind.

Azanni: (sad) “Yeah, I overheard your conversation..”

Darius: “its not what it seem..Zanni”

Darius: “You were always so quiet at school and distant! I was just trying to do something nice for you!”

Darius is trying to explain himself to her.

Azanni: (angry) “Don't Zanni me! The only reason to did this is because of sympathy?!”

Darius: “ No! I wasn't that...Azanni. Let me explain..”

Azanni is gathering her jacket and purse to leave now.

Azanni: “I think you're done explaining yourself to me enough because I see where I stand with you..” (gets up from the table)

Darius knows he had made the worse mistake ever to hurt her. He is looking sad. Now he is regretting the decision he has made.

Narrator: Ever since then they haven't spoken one word to each other. Darius regrets how he did her that day and Azanni moved one and had a drastic change in her life..

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