Locked Up

February 27, 2013
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Valentines day, the most special and romantic time of year. It's too bad I have to work though. Oh well, maybe I'll get a bouquet of flowers from someone in the office. As soon as I finish my overwhelming hair and make-up process, I grab my purse, my jacket, and I'm out the door in a flash. Like every other morning, I work my strut all the way down the street and to the office, catching glances everywhere I turn. This has been normal since last year when I was promoted to being the executive producer of all music industries, represented by this major cooperation here in LA. I am the hottest deal in LA, and I am alone on Valentines Day. I slowly entered the building, tugging on the pencil skirt refusing to cooperate with me today. Every face passing by me was covered with a flashy white smile, a big and healthy set of teeth showing off. I raced my boss to my office, only to find a giant teddy bear sitting in my chair with a note attached.


Meet me in the restroom during

lunch break. I'll be waiting.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day.

I waited, and waited, and waited, continuously glancing over at the clock. When will twelve o'clock appear on that tiny little thing? I have been completely avoiding my work for the last twenty minutes, until Rebecca came over, invading my space. “How's everything over here?” She asks. I humor her. “Oh, great. I just finished this. I'm making great progress with these. And those? Those will be ready soon.” I continue to humor her until she finally leaves. I have a half hour left until lunch break, so I really get into my work without a single distraction. I finish all my work in twenty minutes. And people say it's a mystery as to why I was promoted. As soon as the bigger and smaller hand relaxed on the twelve, I rushed to the restroom area. One thing I hate about the bathrooms is they are far away from everything. You might as well say they aren't in the same building. Lies. But they come pretty close. A person could go missing in the bathrooms, and nobody would even think to look there. I step into the bathroom, teasing my beautiful head of hair, when all of a sudden.... FLASH! The lights went out. I reach over to open the door, and it's locked, from the outside. I couldn't see a thing. Everything was flashing before my eyes. I hear a voice. It sounds like, Nancy. Nancy is my snotty co-worker. AKA, enemy for life. “You'll never get out of here. Rebecca will find out you quit, and she'll hand over the job to me! Sorry for your loss.” What I hate most about Nancy is she's too quick to speak. She thinks she will easily get away with this nonsense, but she hasn't thought it through very well. “People will be looking for me Nancy. You haven't really thought this through, have you?” No response. Has she left me? Will she go completely insane and kill me later in the night? Trapped in the bathroom on Valentines Day, I feel like I should have seen this coming. I sat and waiting for somebody to become suspicious. So far, nobody has suspected that there is a young, helpless woman in need of help in the restroom. My eyes uncontrollably force themselves shut while I lay myself down in the middle of the floor. This is quite a way to spend my Valentines Day. I spend hours on the floor, helpless as can be, when all of a sudden, “hello? Anyone in here?” My boss comes to the rescue, and her honor is to fire the lady who put me through this torture. I am saved on Valentines Day. Now my mission from here on out is to get a decent date!

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