You Are What's Right Ch2

February 25, 2013
By AmyMichie GOLD, Saint Johnsville, New York
AmyMichie GOLD, Saint Johnsville, New York
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I turned back around and wiped the tears from my eyes. When I finished, I stood up and started gathering my things together. “I'm fine.” I said more snotty then I meant to.

“You sure don't look like it.”

“Well I am so just drop it.” I said as tears threatened to spill from my eyes.

“You know, despite common belief, I don't bite. Really. You are welcome to vent to me if you need it.” he said to lighten the mood. I turned to look at him, tears brimming by eyes. What to say? He actually looked concerned about me. That's when I broke. I starting sobbing as the events from earlier this afternoon came flooding back. I faced the field again and sat down on the bench by my bag. I heard Cody walk down the stairs and after he stood next to me for a minute trying to figure out what to do I felt his body next to mine on the bench. He took my hand and pulled me into his strong, warm embrace . after a few minutes I calmed down and I lifted my head from his chest.

“ Why are you doing this? You don't even really know me.” I finally said while I looked at him, confused.

“Not all guys are complete jerks. Lets just say I don't want to grow up to be like my brother. Going through girls and friends like his running shoes.” he said. I couldn't help but smirk. The irony of everything was to funny. “ whats so funny?” he said as he looked into my eyes with an amused expression.

“ Oh, just irony. The only reason I joined track in seventh grade was to impress you.” I replied.

“ I don't understand though. Why would that impress me?” he said with a curious look on his face.

“ Don't judge me.”

“ Why would I judge you? There's no need for it.” he offered quickly

“ Alright, long story short. That was when you admired your brother. He was on the track team and I thought that if I made the track team that you would admire me too. End of story. Lets not hang on to it.” I said swiftly, looking at my lap. I felt his hand tighten around mine and I looked up. He was staring into my eyes. His eyes were like a vast sea of green that I could get lost in. his face moved slowly to be next to mine. I felt his soft, warm lips lightly touch my cheek. Then I felt his breath next to my ear.

“ Well I guess I look forward to getting to know you.” and with that he stood up and took my hands to help me stand (not that I needed it). Next thing I knew, his arms were wrapped around me again. This time he was the one laughing.

“What?” I said

“ Oh nothing. Just that I've admired you for as long as I could remember.” and he was off.

“ Wait! Would you like to do something tomorrow?”

“ Well normally the guy asks the girl on a date but I'll make an exception. Yes, I would love to do something tomorrow. If it is okay with you I would like to choose what we do. I'll text you the specifics.”

“I don't have your number.” I said grabbing my phone.

“Right. Let me see this.” He said handing me his phone and taking mine. We swapped numbers and handed our phones back to each other.

“ Can I text you tonight?”i asked nervously. He just looked at me and smiled.

“ Of course you can.” he said sweetly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as tear brimmed my eyes again.

“thank you.” I whispered into his ear.

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