Be my Valentine?

February 20, 2013
He watches as she nibbles on the popcorn. The piece of popcorn Milkshake gives her every day, just for being so darn cute, but she doesn’t know that. Her ears twitch excitedly as she chews away. Milkshake has always loved that about Coffee- the way her ears twitch when she’s happy, but of course, she doesn’t know that either. Her eyes flicker at him, lighting up, and she offers an awkward smile, a bit of popcorn stuck in her teeth.

She’s perfect.

Too perfect for him.

And he knows that.

There’s popcorn clung to Coffee’s fur now, and Milkshake signals with his paw to the offending spot. With her little paw, Coffee absently passes over it repeatedly, until she finally gives Milkshake a pleading look with her round, animated eyes. He smirks and easily swipes the bit of popcorn away. Her ears twitch again at his touch.

“Thanks, M,” she says, then resumes nibbling away.

Shortly later, as Coffee and Milkshake shuffle along home together as they do every day, Coffee is obliviously munching on another piece of Milkshake-acquired popcorn. Milkshake pushes blades of grass aside as she maneuvers, cheeks stuffed, and he wonders if she notices him.

Silently begs her to.

He can’t stand the waiting- the not knowing if Coffee feels the same way that he does. It’s time he finally grew some real ears and does what he knows he’s pushed off for too long, before it makes him crazy- and what better time to do it than Valentine’s Day. He plans it all- walking home together, stopping her before she goes inside to tell her how he’s felt since the day they met, staring deeply into each other’s adorning eyes, her paws in his . . . or something like that, he hopes. Really, what could go wrong, right?

He nixes that thought away, before it gets out of hand.

And soon it’s Valentine’s Day, and Milkshake is confident he’s ready.

Until he realizes . . .

He forgot to bring Coffee her popcorn today.

How could he have done that? On the most important day of his life- ever? Milkshake’s devastated by his own forgetfulness. Already, the plan is falling apart- he’ll have to go get Coffee her treat, something he’d never let her go without. So he leaves, and by the time he comes back, Coffee is gone.

Milkshake sighs, thinking, trying to figure out a way to fix this. Clutching the piece of popcorn meant for Coffee, he sets off in search of a notepad.

Finds one.

And a marker.

And writes in bold, blobby letters, “Be my Valentine?”

And is determined to do this. The sun setting, Milkshake reaches Coffee’s home, incredibly nervous. He gently lays the notepad and popcorn down for Coffee and knocks twice, softly.

Scampers away.



He watches as the door eases open and Coffee appears; he’s reminded again just how perfect she is. Her eyes droop as she skims the yard, until she looks down near her feet. Her eyes dart around hopefully in search for who she knows is there. She catches Milkshake’s eyes locked on her and eases toward him.

“Of course I will,” she squeaks. “Took you long enough.” She smiles.

“I know. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He watches as she nibbles on the popcorn.

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