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February 12, 2013
Dear Mrs. Papanaguous,
As you can see here, I have completed the entire project you assigned last month over what my, your student’s, summer has been like. For me, it’s personally been the most miserable summer of my existence and for that reason, I ask you, no beg you, to ask no question. After all, I did the assignment honestly and truthfully (isn't that all you can ask of a student like me?).

Jessica Marsh
5th Period English
Summer Report
*Insert name here*
Ernest Hemingway once said, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” We studied some of Hemingway’s poetry in English last year and this quote specifically confused me. Not just the poet’s wording, but more importantly my own personal, dim-witted inexperienced heart was what didn't allow this profound statement to click in my brain (also it’s the reason I get a D on the Hemingway exam…). Have no fear though, because after this past summer I understand the meaning of this enigmatic phrase. Whoopie!
I met *insert name here* at camp (I refuse to acknowledge him, even though it’s who this paper is based on). He was charming, friendly, and cute. The beginning is much like most other classic love stories, everything was fun and new. Having a guy pay so much attention to me was exciting! The sun seemed to shine brighter when he was near. I failed to see any fault in his attitude, appearance, and character. *Insert name here* couldn't have been a more perfect guy!

Then camp ended, BUT my dream did not. I got home and talked to *insert name here* via my cell phone. Sure, he has cross country and I had basketball practice, but we managed to talk at least once a week. Our connection and friendship grew stronger. I was so proud of that little fact. You see, Mrs. Papanaguous, *insert name here* was the first boy I ever had a really relationship with. I can picture you now, laughing you chubby cheeks off. “This is the first relationship Jessica has EVER had? But she’s an upperclassmen, she has to have had some type of boy interested in her before this.” THINK AGAIN, MRS. PAPA!

Anyways, the texts became more frequent and he talked often of driving the hour drive in my direction to come see me. We really peaked when he asked to his school’s Back to School kick off dance, but then informed me he “had to work” the day of the dance. I was more pleased by his invitation than hurt that we couldn't attend the dance, but no matter because after that week passed with absolutely NO word from *insert name here*, I had finally had enough. Exactly one night after our almost date, I did the only thing a reasonable teenage girl can do when she is too nervous to text the boy of her dreams. That’s right, Mrs. Papa, I stalked his internet profile! I have no shame! And do you know what I found there? I found pictures of a mysterious girl and *insert name here* from the Back to School Dance and a changed status from “Single” to “In a Relationship”!!!

Now, I know that even though you are married, Mrs. Papa and reaching the age where you could actually live in a nursing home, I feel as if you can understand my pain! Let’s just leave this story at *insert name here’s* messages were deleted. I do have the first scar from love etched neatly on my heart. I like to imagine it’s right in the middle, like *insert name here*shot me directly in the main valve and killed me (figuratively) (Although I’m sure *Insert name here* would feel awful if he really did kill me) (not that I would mind that).

To make an extremely long and exhausting summer short in one paper, we can just say that I was recently broken by the world. Even though *insert name here* ripped my innocent, fragile heart in two, I stood tall and didn't fall once. No tears fell from this face when I realized how worthless I was in his ignorant, squinty eyes that I once though were so wonderful. So I AM one of those few that stay strong in the midst of being broken and it’s all because I now realize that *insert name here* is a complete and total idiot.
The end.

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