Fire Eyes

February 14, 2013
You run. Heavy breathing, heart pounding, sudden rush of blood to the head. You have to get away, to get free from this prison she has put you in. Rush down the empty halls, past the boarded windows, fly down the desolate staircase. But you’re running so fast you don’t see the fault in the floor,. So you fall, fall down and hit the cold, gray stone floor. Your gown is ripped straight to the hip, but now you feel lighter, freedom is calling your name. He is your only freedom and he will be here soon. He is going to take you far, far away. It’s time to snap back to reality, to get up off the floor and run. “Cause you know she knows you’re fighting your way out. Somewhere close you hear the scream of the monster that has held you locked away, and you know he is here, fighting to set you free, he wants to take you far away. Thinking of him drives you to run faster, run to his open arms, and you absentmindedly reach toward the diamond snowflake around your neck. You know he loves you, even if it’s never been said. You know that if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t be here. Suddenly you feel something breathe across the ground, a disappearing phantom of a human and the moment you’ve been dreading has come. She’s found you and. Now you know the only way out is to fight way your way past her fire eyes andto make the stone heart heating her flame fall silent. So you stop and turn to face her evil beauty, the same beauty who just years ago told you she loved you as she laid you to sleep in that Disney princess bed you loved so much,, the same beauty who killed the only light in your life and locked in that wasteland of a room. You plung a dagger deep in her heart and watch as her fire eyes die out to sadness. you won the battle, so now finaly you can have your happily ever after with him.

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