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We were in 8th grade when we started dating. His name Trey Norway, he's 15. Trey’s birthday is April 23, 1998. He's 5'9 and loves to sing and play basketball. Not to brag but he's pretty good at it too! My name is Heaven Angel May. I'm 15; my birthday is May 10, 1998. I'm 5'3 and I love to dance. Enough about Trey and I, this is a story of how my life has been changed forever!
My life is kind of typical; I have a little sister named Nia. My mom is 30 and my dad is 32. The downfall in my life is that my parents are very stressed and they take it out on each other, so for the past one and a half years my house has been full of yelling. But when I met my boyfriend Trey he made me forget about all the bad.
He's a basketball player, I'm a Pommie. I dance at his games during half time. He says I'm his lucky charm that they always win when I'm there. I was sick once and they lost 4 to 25. Maybe it's true that I give then luck, maybe not. The good news is I have Trey he has me, and were in love!
This basketball season has been really good. We're actually going to the championships in three days. I'm really nerves for the team and my pommie squad. If the team doesn't win they will be horrified. On the bright side Trey told me if they win he has a surprise for me when we get back from the trip.
The night before the day we travel to championships, Trey comes over and helps me pack, then we go to his house and I help him. Yeah, kind of corny but I think it's sweet. After we finished both of our families go out to a good luck dinner! I noticed that my parents seemed out of it, but I try and brush it off because I could just be letting my nerves get to me.
I have Treys parents take me home because I just don’t want to leave him yet. We get to my house, he walks me to the door, and yeah we kiss! Suddenly we hear the words "I'm done" and we both look puzzled.

"I should see what’s going on," I said.

"Yeah, I will call you when I get home," he said. We hug and part ways.

I walk into my house and my parents are yelling, screaming, and cussing about god knows what! I go onto the back porch just listening. The words that I never wanted to hear came out. "Want a divorce." I ran to my room, tears running down my face like rain in a thunderstorm. Happily, Trey calls me, he automatically knows by the sound of my voice, I'm crying. He kept asking what's wrong, what's wrong till he got feed up and ran to my house, climbed up a ladder and held me like a baby till I was ready to talk. When I was, I told him everything, I saw tears swell up in his eyes which made me start balling. Trey stayed with me all night till I feel asleep, I told him to go but he said he wasn't going to till he knew it was safe. I love him for that, but I feel bad, I hope he gets enough sleep.
That morning when I finished getting ready my best friend Tia, who's also a pommie, was waiting for me with her parents. We arrived at school, went to the gym stretched and practiced a little while we waited for the basketball players to arrive. Its seven o'clock and we start boarding the bus. Suddenly I'm lifted off my feet, I scream! Of course, it was Trey and of course the whole team made fun of me the whole trip.
Finally we get on the road headed to championships. Thirty minutes into the trip and Trey is knocked out. Man, I knew I should have never allowed him to stay. He's asleep so I put in my headphones and enjoy the ride. It only feels like five minutes and I'm rudely awakened with a slap in the stomachs from Tia. We have arrived! I look over and Trey is gone, Tia tells me that he tried to wake me up but I wouldn't budge and coach was yelling at him to come on because they needed to warm up. Wow, that made me feel bad.
After my squad and I warmed up and were ready we had ten minutes to socialize till the game started. Like always I met Trey near the bathroom so we can talk and get ready. He was waiting for me; I didn't see him at first so he ran up and grabbed me from behind. He asked if I was okay, and I told him I was, he knew I wasn't so he kissed me till it was two minutes till the game started. Then he asked again if I was okay, that time I really was!
Game is 30 to 20, thirty seconds left in the game, we got this! Five seconds, Trey gives me a wink and Erick his best friend does a three pointer, and that's it we've won! The coaches, pommies, and cheerleaders run to our players and hug them!! What a great game!
After we got all our stuff situated Trey took me out to dinner all by ourselves and I let him talk about the game all night! Play by play, I know everything, ha I love him! We go back to the hotel that we are staying at for the night. We get cleaned up and head straight it in warm cozy bed! He kisses me, we put in a movie, and have a nice night just the two of us!
Two days after we get back I have a letter in the mail from TREY, and in the envelope there's a ring. To some up what the letter said he was asking to be with me for the rest of my life, and describing how much he loves me and why! The ring was a promise ring!
I'm a senior in high-school now and we are still together! My parents got divorced during the beginning of my junior year, it was hard but I had Trey there to be a shoulder to cry on! Because of them winning the championships two years ago, Trey is planning on marring me! My life is forever changed!!

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