Leap of Faith

January 18, 2013
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My school was HUGE. I had never noticed just how large my school was and just how many people are in it until I was forced to run from one end to the other. I had to make it on time, I HAD to. If I were to be late I’d hate myself. It was much too important to miss a thing like that. Especially sense my day had been going so horribly wrong already. I was late to first period, failed my geometry quiz, and dropped my lunch down some stranger’s shirt and almost got slapped for it. Point is, I NEEDED it. It’s what helps me through the last two miserable hours of school, but was more than enough.

“Kayla!!! Kayla!!” I could hear my friend Linda calling me from down that hall I just sprinted past.

“Sorry!! I’m busy!!” I yelled back without even the slightest turn of my head because I knew I absolutely could not afford to be even one second late.

I kept running through the halls until I finally reached my destination… the bathrooms. I took one quick look at my watch as I caught my long gone and forgotten breath. It is 1:02, which means it was almost time. From the corner of my eye I could see Linda running towards me with her shoes glittering in the light or the hall windows.

“Kayla? What’s the rush? And isn’t your next class on the west side?” She asked her wide brown eyes big with concern. But its time, I have no time to answer questions.

I stood up straight before I made a pose by the restroom water fountain. I knew I was making a fool of myself in front of everyone, but whatever it takes, I’ll do.

“What are you-”

“Shhhhh…. Here he comes.” I knew I would pay for that later, but at the moment I didn’t care.

“Hey Kay. What’s going on?” Carter’s voice was always so perfect. His eyes were perfect, his hair was perfect. He was just so….. Perfect. His dark blue eyes and his light brown hair added up to…

I felt Linda nudge me twice before I realized he had asked a question. “Oh hi Carter. Umm what was the question again?” I couldn’t help but blush and giggle.

“I asked what’s going on” he said still chuckling. He was so tall and perfect; it was hard not to stare awkwardly at him when we were face to face.

“Nothing much you know..” I brushed my nose like a cool person in the movie I had seen the nigh before did. I think I pulled it off pretty well “…just chillin.”

“Do you have any plans tomorrow? It IS Friday and I was wondering-”

“YES! The answer is yes!” I said, practically jumping up and down. The moment I had been waiting for since freshman year had finally arrived. “….and yes I’ll marry you.”

“What?” he said instantly.

“Nothing! I didn’t say anything. It must have been Linda. Linda did you say something?” I said quickly as the words rushed out of my mouth.

“Pretty sure that was you Kayla” she said looking at me with look that says “you need help”. But I deserved that look, so I just turned to Carter trying to stay serious but when I actually stopped trying I realized that he was laughing.

Instantly I started laughing with him. When we were done I wrote my number on a slip of paper and told him to call me that night. He agreed and walked away to his next class. The late bell rang.

“Are you going to explain to me why you went through all that trouble just to see Carter Jones?” Linda asked me accusingly. I couldn’t blame her, because she was right.

“Yeeeessssss… but it was totally worth it. We are gonna go on a date tomorrow.” I said with pride heavy in my voice.

“I don’t know Kay. You might have just signed yourself up for feeding the homeless, or doing his homework, or even worse… skydiving.”

“Yeah. Linda, I don’t think Carter is the feeding the homeless or skydiving type of guy, but he knows I’m not smart enough to do my own homework so that eliminates all of those ideas. So how was your day Linda?”

“Stop trying to change the subject.”

“What subject? There was a subject?”

“ Yes. You acting like an idiot all for Carter. You need to pull yourself together. Isn’t there anything more important to you than Carter. For example a stylish, beautiful, and talented-”

“Nope. He is my number one priority.” I said cutting her off because I knew her routine. She was about to try to talk me out of going on this date. But I just couldn’t fall for it this time.

“What ever happened to sisters before misters?” She said sadly as she dropped her head and looked at the ground.

“I love you, Linda. I really do. But I’m doing this despite you motherly advice.” I said as I kissed her on the forehead and began to walk away.

“My advice is not motherly. Its just mature” she mumbled to herself just barley loud enough for me to hear.

“What ever you say kiddo” I replied and rushed off to class over 10 minutes late. “I wonder why he just decided to ask me out…” I thought to myself “He had all of middle school and the past two years of high school. Why now? I guess I’ll ask him some other time.

The rest of the school day went by dreadfully slow. My drama teacher thought I was a slacker so I minus well humor her by actually doing work for once. Then on the bus home I listened to my music and thought back to the time when me and Linda first met. It was mid year seventh grade. I was new to the school and Linda took me in under her wing. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. I love her like a sister, if not more. She has been my best friend for longer than I’ve ever stayed friends with anyone. She put up with my crap and craziness and I put with her control issues because that’s just what we do.

When the bus arrived at my bus stop I quickly grabbed my things and walked home. I didn’t have any homework so I took a long hot bath to relax the tension that had built up through out the day. As I wall getting ready to get dressed my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was an unknown caller. Carter I guessed. “Perfect timing” I grumbled as I rolled my eyes and answered the phone.
“Hello?” I said
“Hey Kayla, its Carter. Something came tomorrow I’m so sorry that I can’t go on our date that day but I was thinking we could reschedule?” He asked with honest disappointment in his voice.
“Well that sucks. When the next time you’re available?”

“Right now actually. Is it ok I take you somewhere special in about a half an hour?”

“Yes. That’s fine just let me get dressed first.”

“Wait… you’re not dressed?” He said in a joking tone.

“Goodbye Carter.”

“Half hour?”

“Yes Carter. Ill be ready. You know where I live right?”

“Yes. I remember from the night of the football game last year.”

“I forgot you had perfect memory.” I said teasingly.

“It’s not perfect. But anyway, Ill be there soon okay?”

“Okay. Bye”


I was suddenly filled with excitement and overcome with joy. I was going to have a blast. And I knew nothing could ruin it.

When he arrived in his neon green mustang one question immediately popped into my head: How is he not dead? That has to be dangerous.
“Your wondering how I can live to drive around in this thing everyday aren’t you?” He asked reading my mind like a book.
“Well, yes. I am. But its pretty.”
“I’ve been told. I only like the green though. Not the actual car. It’s a waste.”

“I don’t know anything about cars so don’t start because I will get lost.”

We laughed together as he pulled away from my house. Soon we were on a familiar highway that I had driven down many times with my family and friends.

“Are we going to the amusement park?” I asked. I liked amusement parks as long as I didn’t get on roller coasters. I’m scared of heights.

“Not quite.” He said with a hint of insidious in his voice. I wondered what he was up to.

We arrived at an unfamiliar plain and he took my hand and walked me over to a strange guy in weird clothes. The clothes I had seen on TV when people do stupid stuff. I didn’t want the fear that was creeping into my head to slip inside and make me blow the whole date. So I closed the doors on it and left it out. I was not going to let anyone ruin this day for me.

After instructing us to change into the outfits he had given us, the strange guy who I refused to take a close look at led Carter and me out onto a field. After walking a considerable distance, we arrived at a giant black helicopter. Instantly the fear I had left outside the door of my brain came rushing in and yelling at me. “You volunteered to go skydiving with Carter! You idiot!” I kept yelling to myself “Run you moron! Run for your plain, slightly abnormal life!”

“Ummm… Are we going skydiving?” I asked, my voice cracking from the foot chilling fear overcoming my entire being.

“Yeah. I thought it would be an awesome first date for us. Remember in the ninth grade when you told me you would love to go skydiving? Well since then I’ve been taking skydiving lessons so that way I could take you your first time. Did I go to far? I was trying to make it romantic and special. I’m sorry if you don’t like it.”

“No. It’s fine. Ill do it with you” I said chuckling because we both had our minds in the gutter.

“Ok! Let’s do this!” yelled the instructor.

“Great” I muttered to myself hoping that no one had heard me and my fear.

* * * * * * * * * *
By time we were loaded onto the helicopter my mind was racing and my heart beating out of my chest. I was very proud of myself for not peeing in this outfit yet; or throwing a complete panic freak out in front of Carter. “Self control, like a boss.” I thought to myself.

“Last chance to punk out!” The pilot called from the front oh the helicopter.

I looked at Carter as he took my hand. Suddenly I was filled with the courage of a lion and at the same time the heart of a mouse. I wanted to object but fear and strength were keeping me silent for the time being. I knew that once the giant monster of a machine was in the air, that there was no going back. I had about four seconds to make a decision. I choose to go through with it. Why? I have no idea because I knew that I would come to regret it.

“You ready?” asked Carter, standing unwaveringly next to me. He was an unmovable stone.

“Sure.” I said. Wanting to shoot myself in the foot for it.

“Okay! Let’s go!” yelled to pilot from the front seat. Carter and I sat down. I felt my heart begin to give out. “don’t be a little pansy” I thought to myself . “Pull it together you punk, don’t ruin this.”

As we took off I started to feel faint. Carter held my hand tighter and I resurfaced once again.

Several minutes had passed before the instructor attached me to the front of Carter and began the countdown. “3…2…1… Jump!!”

Carter and I went flying towards the ground. I could feel my heart beat. It was hard to breath at first. The air was everywhere. I was so scared. Being up that high made me want to puke. But what purpose would that have? The vomit would just slap me back in the face and get all over Carter. Gross.

I closed my eyes and tried not to die. Before I knew It, Carter pulled the string and out came the parachute. I felt a little safer. Until we began to sputter a little but. But then the ride became smooth once more.

We hit the ground safely and kept running for a couple of feet, the finally, we were still. Carter unattached us and turned me around to look at him.

“All you needed was a little faith. Thank you for not declining my offer I know it was hard for you. But I wanted you to know that you can trust me.”

“Thank you for making me take a leap of faith.” I said looking at the ground.

He took my face in his hand and kissed my lips with his soft perfect ones. Man was it good to be back on Earth again.

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