To a New Year

January 18, 2013
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To a New Year

Naomi is standing at the kitchen counter pouring a cup of coffee. She hears footsteps behind her and anxiously turns around to address the person, “Good morning!”
Emani wipes his eyes, still tired from a lack of sleep, “Hey, Naomi, why are you at my house? I see you made breakfast.”
She smiles; laying down a plate of toast next to the seemingly endless buffet of eggs and waffles that she prepared for both of them, “I thought I would be nice and come over to make you breakfast. It seems like you were expecting me, since your door was unlocked. So, are you ready for work? I hope you’re not going in your pajamas.”
He looks down at his blue pajama pants, “No, I still have to change. Luckily there shouldn’t be many people because it’s a Sunday. To think we have to work six days a week for a part-time job. Anyways, what are you planning to do? I mean for your party.”
She looks at the floor, her face is flushed, “I was planning on inviting my friends, including you, and throwing in an extra surprise. So, would you like to come, please?”
He takes a sip off his hazelnut flavored coffee, “Yeah, it’s not like I have anything to do, I’ll go.”

The clock’s alarm begins to go off, “Beep, beep, beep…”
He rolls, being startled by the loud noise, “I’m up… I’m up… Oh yeah, today is New Year’s Eve; Naomi’s party is tonight. It feels so weird to live alone in this big house, it kind of scares me.”

The TV was on the news channel, like it always is in the evening, after dinner. “Today there was a breakout at Sunhill Sanitarium. A person named Kaori Tachibana, had managed to escape at noon today. Other than that the weather is looking good at …”
He turns off the television and leaves for the party.

Naomi looks at him; he is wearing his blazer and black jeans, “Hey Emani, I knew you would come, Happy birthday!”
He looks at her, un-amused, “Thanks, although it won’t be my birthday for another two hours. I just wish mom and dad were here.”
She looks at him; her blue eyes showed her sympathy on the topic, “Aw, cheer up, please? It’s your birthday, you should be happy.”
His gaze falls to the floor in apathy towards her comment. “Yeah, I guess. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since then. The day my parents died in that car accident.”
Naomi’s vision went blank; her mind was too busy thinking back to that day. The day his parents died in a car crash and he was left with the house. She and her mom always came over to help him out and bring him meals. He had to get a job to help pay for his bills; he rarely smiled after that. She has grown to love him so much, more than just a friend. “It’s not your fault. Anyways, how about you go get us something to drink, I just want some tea, but when you come back you better be smiling.”

TV: “5…4…3…2…1…, Happy New Years!”
Emani looks out towards the moon; he could smell the crisp scent of apple cider from inside the house, “Happy New Year’s… I can’t believe it’s already 2038. It’s funny how it’s also my 19th birthday.” He feels a sense of emptiness. “At least I’m starting a new beginning, although I don’t see or feel any difference.” His stomach starts to feel ill, thinking of his past.
Naomi lets her gaze settle over him, “There you go being mister depressing again, besides if you don’t solve your problems now, you’ll never change.”
He looks down, “I know, but I feel like there’s no meaning to my life, and I don’t know how to solve my problems.

She also glances at the ground, but only because of her shyness towards him, “I could try and help, if you want.”
Emani looks away, “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel so well, I’m going for a walk.”
Naomi’s eyes start to glisten from tears that seem to endlessly build up, “But…”
He obliviously doesn’t notice Naomi’s emotions, only thinking about his mom and dad, “I’m alright, thank you though.”

It starts to rain lightly. He’s glad that he always wears his portable umbrella on his belt loop. He takes it off and pushes the button, releasing the canopy decorated with black butterflies. He begins to think of Naomi, “I wish that I didn’t answer her like that. It was pretty rude of me, I hope she’s alright. I remember when we first met in 2nd grade, she was sitting at the lunch table all by herself when I came up and asked why she was alone. I guess the tables have turned.” While walking past a faintly lighted alley, he notices a girl, sitting there and crying. “Are you okay, why are you in the alley?” he asks. The girl is startled and flinches back. “It’s okay; I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”
The girl wipes her eyes, “Currently, I live here.” She sees his confused expression, “You asked me why I was in the alley.”
He tries to think of a response, by habit he looks at his watch, it is 3 AM, “Don’t you have a place you rent or a house?” He notices that she sways her head, meaning no, “Look, I know this may sound weird but, would you like to stay at my place for a while, it’s better than living here. I’m sure you must be tired and cold.”
She steps into the street light, letting herself be seen, “I guess it would be better than staying here. My name is Kaori Tachibana”
He notices that she is very beautiful; her green eyes glistened from tears welling up, “Are you okay?”
She turns slightly and rubs her eyes, trying not to cry, “I’m sorry, it’s just that no one has ever been so kind to me.”
He blushes and turns slightly as well in shyness, “I’m going to change that.” He notices her blush after saying that and holds out the umbrella, letting her under it, “I’m Emani Hitoshi; let’s go then, shall we?”
She smiles, “Yeah.” Her frail hand takes hold of his, and they walk home together.

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