Not the way its suppose to be part 2

January 28, 2013

"I think I'll keep you around" Joe said smiling. "That was pretty good huh, but I don't think he will be coming back tomorrow" I said watching them pull out of the parking lot. "Boys like doughnuts and girls...he will be back tomorrow." He said walking towards the beep coming from the kitchen. I sniffed the air. Cakes done.


They all stare at me like half my face got blown off as I pull out of the parking lot. "Travis, are you serious?" Andrew said. "How many tI'mes have you said that." Little jack piped in. I just sat there staring at the red light thinking about what I'm going to do with that many doughnuts.


I wish he wasn't the first person to come in today. Now he is all I could think about. finally one o'clock. Uncle Ron came in the door "Good news! Your car is here!" Him and Joe start mumbling about something that was on the news while I clock out. When we get home I get my keys and directions to the mall. Time to use that $400 grandma gave me. On the way to the mall I think about my mom and dad. How they met. I wipe a tear off my cheek. The tears are quickly replaced with anger. The thought of my mother getting married two times since then. I park and head straight into Rue 21. I pick up tank tops and shorts even though I wont like any of them but I wont like anything. I buy a few things out of the billions of things I tried on. The I walk to the food court to get a smoothie.


Is that her? I notice her white legs and I know it is. Then I notice hI'm. Jake walking towards her. I get up from were I'm sitting with jack, Andrew, and Jason. And walk toward them. I stop a few feet away because he is already trying one of his pick up lines on her. "Excuse me miss i think his guy is talking to you." she says to the girl next to her. She looks at hI'm and they laugh she tells her he is all hers taking her smoothie from the guy. she looks back at hI'm "Can I help you with something?" "Yeah, why don't you come sit with me and I'll show you a good tI'me." Before I even realize what I'm doing I'm holding hands with her telling Jake to beat it. "I'm sorry, I just can't stand that guy." I say reluctantly letting go of her hand. "Thanks my knight in shining armor, see you tomorrow." she said flashing me that perfect smile. I walked back to the table "What was that?" Jason said. "I told you I'm in love."

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