Till Death Do Them Part

January 24, 2013
By Bethann SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bethann SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Juliet and Jackson were the perfect couple. For them it was love at first sight. How would I know? Just the way that they looked at each other showed that they truly cared for one another. Juliet loved to sit me down and tell me amazing stories and I loved hearing them. She could sit for hours and hours telling me the same stories and I would listen to everyone over and over again with a smile on my face.

My favorite story would have to be the story that led up to their marriage. When she asked me what story I'd like to hear that would be the story I would say. To this day I remember ever word. She would start out by saying “Jack and I were best friends from the beginning. We never did anything alone. We would race home and sit under our favorite tree at the top of a hill.” As she continued she would get to her teenage years. “I really thought I was going to lose Jack.” This is where it began to get emotional. “A new girl from two towns over had just moved at the end of our street. Jack left me behind to be with the beautiful new girl.” Tears would run down her wrinkled face every time she would tell me this part. “He broke my heart I loved him so much.” she would choke on her words.
“But one day after school he swept me off my feet and took me by total surprise and apologized. He carried me home then got one knee and asked me to marry him.” She would have a huge smile after this part of the story. “Of course I said yes and we ran off and got married.”

She loved the married life but soon after she discovered she was pregnant. If she wasn't in love now she would be ten times more. Julie and Jack had a baby girl named Victoria Marie. Tori for short.
Tori was as beautiful as her mother. With a new baby in the house it caused Julie and Jackson to have problems. They struggled having enough money to provide for their new baby. But with love and faith they found a way to provide for Tori.

As Tori grew older she became just like her mother found the love of her life and got married to him. Tori gave Julie and Jack two grandchildren a little girl and boy. Julie would tell them stories all the time. Julie and Jack loved their grandchildren with all their hearts.

Now back to Julie and Jack. As the years progressed Julie and Jack grew older. They were old and weak. One morning I was creeping through the hallway and stopped in front of Julie and Jack's room peaking through the slightly open door hoping not to be noticed. I saw Julie wake up to the grasp of Jack's hand. He whispered over “I love you.” and then shut his eyes and died. Still holding tightly to his grasp she whispers back “I will always love you too.” and shut her eyes and died. I fell to the floor in tears. Still in tears I flung the door open and ran in, fell on the bed and sobbed “I love you grand mom and grand pop.” Yes Juliet and Jackson were my grand parents. I am Tori's daughter little Haylee Marie only seven and witness true love die together. We buried my grand parents together under their favorite tree on the top of the hill. I'm all grown up have my own love of my life and a beautiful little girl named Julia after her great grand mom. I love telling my little girl all the wonderful stories my grand mom told me and telling her my own stories of how true love does exist because it happened to her great grand parents with love at first sight till death do them part.

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