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January 20, 2013
By Tocsain PLATINUM, Granbury, Texas
Tocsain PLATINUM, Granbury, Texas
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I would give as much as I could just to get a hug from you.To be wrapped in your arms all warm and comfortable, for you to let me know that you care.I sometimes imagine me running into your arms crying and telling you everything.I would tell you how I feel and tell you that I know what your hiding from everyone.But I would also give just as much,maybe even more,to forget all my feelings for you.I'm desperately trying to forget but it's hard when I'm falling for you a little more everyday.Forgetting is the best answer,now my question is,how do I forget?How do you forget someone who's on your mind constantly?How do you forget someone who's made a huge impression on you?Some may say it's easy but it truly is not.I go day by day wondering "do you like me too?". Although I already know the answer,"just as a friend".

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Leerivas123 said...
on Jan. 25 2013 at 2:01 pm
Leerivas123, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I have felt this way abut a boy for like 6 months and i relly like him and i would give my world to be lke you said wraped in his arms and he already kmows how i feel about him but he said he cant tell me if he likes me that he has to show me and he did he kissed me just a soft peck on the lips. I know how you feel and ive been there many times before but i have learnd that the only thing that works is honesty and yes i have lost a good friend to it but i have also gaind one also.


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