A kiss in the rain

January 10, 2013
It was a bright and sunny day! Nope... It was a dark and stormy night... Nah....oh! I got it! It was a cloudy grey afternoon. Perfect!....
It was a cloudy grey afternoon when I got the text. The text I've waited for since the day I met him. Trevor and I had been friends for years but never anything more. I had gotten an odd feeling from him lately. He was acting like the same old Trev around his friends, but then I'd come over to say hi and..I dunno he started acting...different.... Anyway, the text read " Hey meet me at the park! I've got something 4 u ;) " as any teen girl would do I screamed and got dressed about a zillion times. Nothing I tried on seemed to look good enough! I replied with a message that seemed like I was playing hard to get (gotta keep it interesting) "hold on a sec I'm doing something and then ill be right down".... No response....I went back to shoveling a pile of clothes back into my closet. "Gasp! There you are!!!" My old purple Ivy Tech hoodie!!! "Mewr" my cat, Whiskers, was laying on a pair of black pants I had pulled out from under him by accident. "Oh sorry baby boy." I said pathetically. I threw the hoodie on over my purple cami and squeezed into my tight fit pants. Last year for these. I turned the radio on my favorite station. "Yesssss!!!!" The A Team song came on! My absolute favorite! I threw on some mascara, brushed my teeth, and put on lip gloss. "Wait, he said he had a surprise." I scrubbed off the sticky gloss. The sparkles stayed. "Uggg!!" I yelled in aggregation. It had been a while since I checked my phone. "One new message from Trevor" I did a little happy dance and checked it. "Can ya try n hurry I'm gettin soaked out here lol" I laughed and fumbled over my thumbs trying to hurry and text "b there n a sec. Gotta feed cat. Meet me at the thingy with the vines all around it!" I fed whiskers and petted him gently. Stroking his long grey fur. "BZZT!!!BZZT!!!" My phone vibrated angrily in my back pocket. Mom had warned me not to put in there but I can't tell if I have a text unless I put it back there! I unlocked my phone and sped out the door. He replied with a simple "k" i sent "on my way now" the trailer I lived in was right across from the park. It was a short walk but some how I managed to get drenched. "Probably shoulda brought an umbrella." I whirled around to where the voice had come from. "God! You scared me to death! I thought you were some pedo following me!" He ran over to me with the umbrella. It made me feel awkward . He was really tall compared to me...then again I'm only 4 foot 11. I felt a strong urge to hug him. "No, Angel. You can't do that for a while." I thought to myself. We went to the vine thingy (I still don't know the name of it) and just stood there. The feeling got stronger. Stronger. STRONGER! Until I couldn't stand it anymore! I hugged him gently. I guess it wasn't that gentle... Or maybe he just didn't expect it...he hesitated for a second before wrapping his arms around me. I pulled away awkwardly. "Sorry." I said looking away. "I just really wanted to see if your a good hunger." God I'm so awkward around guys! "We'll I didn't mind. I..kinda..sorta..really liked it." He's just as awkward as me sometimes. I'm sure my face was really blushy. "So,"I said trying to break the awkward silence. "So uhm, what's the surprise?" I asked sounding like a child. "Don't laugh." Why would I laugh? What was he planning? A million things were rushing through my mind and when he spoke everything stopped. "I've never done this before...well I have but not in person." He was shaky and seemed nervous. "Angel?" He managed to choke out. I looked in his beautiful blue eyes. He got down on his knee "Yes Trev?" I barely managed to say. " he took my hand in his. He was so warm! How?!? It was freezing! I snapped back to focusing on him "Would you make me the luckiest guy in the world and go out with me?" I was shocked! how could he? after what happened last time? "I know we've done this before and I know I hurt you, and for that I'm truly sorry. But please, give me one last chance to prove to you I can be... Your everything." I felt myself start to tear up. "Trev ill only say yes on one condition." He got off his knee. "Anything!" He said. "You can't hurt me ever again." I laughed and so did he. "I promise." I hugged him. This time he didn't hesitate. I looked up at him and said chocking back tears "yes." We walked around for a while holding hands. He stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked concerned. "Come here, I need to tell you something." I came closer. He turned my head towards him with his index finger. "D-don't-don't move." He leaned in and kissed me. I'd kissed other guys before and so had he, but something felt different about this. So there we stood. Kissing in the rain

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Angel8645 said...
Jan. 31, 2013 at 11:55 am
Post your thoughts on how I could improve please :)
Angel8645 replied...
Jan. 31, 2013 at 11:59 am
Other than the spelling errors. Stupid autocorrect :/
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