A Tale of Roses

January 9, 2013
On a causal cold winter day, a boy sat in a class, dreaming, day dreaming of a girl, a girl that will forever change his world, for this world will be covered in roses, the roses of sorrow, pain, happens, joy and pride each one of this roses will fall upon this man, will fall upon me.
As the boy was day dreaming his math teacher notice. As he said “Dylan solve this problem” as Dylan looked back with nothing but a blank stare with the look of sorrow in his eyes, for only one person could tell the look, that one person would be the girl that he hasn’t yet meet, but eventfully will for he doesn’t know that this girl he will seek will be of a beauty of a goddess, for she is a goddess, a goddess that every god want to be with but everyone of those gods thought nothing of her pleasure and only of there own. As Dylan stayed silent until the teacher picked another person to solve the question he realized what he was thinking, just as he did the bell rang as he was leaving school to go walk alone home again he saw this girl, this girl had the look of sorrow, for Dylan knew what the look is, for he himself had it, as he gently walks up he can hear her weeping and with the softest voice he asked the girl “what’s wrong” the girl looks back in surprise with tears filling her eye’s and replied “why, why have you asked me, me a random girl sitting on a street why have you come up to me and asked me what is wrong” Dylan confident in himself so that he wouldn’t show any sorrow in order to get her to feel better replied with “cause I am a man and as a man it is my duty to make the world a better place and a lady filled with sorrow I can help with” the girl looked at him straight in the eye and said “how do you know I have sorrow in me, no normal human would be able to tell what emotions fill my heart” as Dylan with confidents a minute ago begin to show his sorrow “cause for a human like I have nothing but sorrow and for that I shall bare your sorrow in order to relief your pain” as the girl with surprise again looked at him she said with the most loving voice Dylan had ever heard “why my good human friend would you bare the pain of sorrow for others that you do not even know” as Dylan looks up to the clouds and sighs he said “case I will bare all the pain and surfing of anyone for them to enjoy life and pleasure as much as they want” the girl with the most surprised look on her face said “my dear human you are the one I have been looking for, for all these years. I have finally found my true love” Dylan with the most surprised look said “how can I be your true love I don’t even know your name” with a smirk on the girl’s face she said “ my name is Kayla the goddess of roses” Dylan not taking her seriously enough just laughed and said ok “ok my goddess since I am your true love let me take you out to eat so I can get you know you better” the girl with the biggest smile on her face just stood up and smiled at the comment, Dylan didn’t know that she was the target for every god there ever was and he was going to learn it hard and fast but he wouldn’t let her go cause he realized during the first time they meet that she saw right through him and for that she would understand what he has been through and would understand him. On the way to the place where they were going to eat only after about 2 months after they started going out as you could say something terrible happed, as he would never have excepted this would of happed a extremely bright flash of light happed and in an instant him and Kayla were in the worlds of gods and goddess as he was in shock he looked over to Kayla and notice a fierce look on her face as she was staring down at a god as Dylan looked at the god he could tell that his god was the ruler of the underworld, he looked around to see where he was at they were enclosed into a room with only them 3 even though the god of the underworld didn’t notice Dylan was even there he started moving towards Kayla in a brutal manner as Dylan watched in horror as the god picked her up and starting yelling at her “ you will be mine and only mine you foolish goddess of roses” in extreme rage Dylan charged and in the strongest he has ever been punched the god of the underworld right off his feet and he and drop Kayla in extreme rage at what Dylan did the god of the underworld starting making magic and a blue flame appeared and in an instant the god and Kayla vanished but Dylan could her Kayla’s voice as it said “my love for each pain I feel a rose shall fall upon your head red for anger silver for each tear I shed and gold for all the sorrow I feel theses roses will guide you to the underworld no go and save me from this demon who says he is a god” Dylan still in confusing walks out of the room the three were just in and is greeted by the gods then one stands up and walks to Dylan and says my son you have been lucky enough to be blessed by the god of roses for that you have my blessing and all the gods here will help you on your journey as the god finished his sentence a sliver rose fell upon Dylan’s head. The god of gods raises one eye brow to the sight of the rose my boy she truly dose love you and for that I will give you this with amazement the god pulled out a sword that only a god can carry here boy take this it’s the sword of the gods but boy before I can give it to you, you must state your name. Dylan with the most determined look on his face shouted out “My name is Dylan Faulkner” as soon as Dylan said that all the gods stood up in amazement the god of gods laughed and said “my son I knew it all along you’re not just a human my boy” you’re the creator of gods and goddess. Dylan in amazement himself asked “how is that possible I lived garner my entire life” the god laughed again and said “its cause of your heart my boy your heart created each and everyone of us, your hearts is pure and strong and will endure anything for others you have no greed that my boy is how you created us” Dylan knowing the power he has now sets out on his journey to get back his goddess, but first he must get some help from some trustworthy friends. As he returns to garner he notices that its battle town apart immediately he runs to his home and notices that there is nothing but ruble there and ashes. As he comes up to the ruble of his once warm and kind home a rose, a gold rose falls upon Dylan’s head he picks it up and puts it in a notebook he found in the ruble. Suddenly he hears a demonic voice “see boy see what you have done to your home your family your friends there all dead now cause of you its all your fault” Dylan suddenly turns around to see a demon, a demon of nothing but dark blood covering his body in extreme rage Dylan yells “You shall pay for what you have done here and you shall pay now” before the demon could do a single thing Dylan had his sword at the heart of the demon in a flash . the demon In shock looked into Dylan’s eyes and say a pure gold fire burning in them at that moment the demon knew who he was and just as soon Dylan killed the demon. After awhile Dylan had to rethink his plan he had no friends, family or anyone to help him now he must do everything on his own now. Just as Dylan was done moping a messenger of the gods came down with some help for him, as the messenger landed on his feet Dylan looked up at him and said “what am I going to do I can’t complete this journey alone” the messenger just laughed and said “boy who said you were alone you have the gods to help you and most of all her” Dylan now with more confidents then ever looked up with a slight smile on his face and said with some pride in his words “I do not need the help of gods but I do need the presence of her” the messenger with the most joy said “good boy now first you must go to where it all started not to where you meet her but where you thought of her” Dylan with Confused look thought then said “where I thought of her? That’s where it began?” the messenger with even more laughter then before said “yes that is where it started” Dylan with a serious look now thought and thoughts until a rose, a rose of sliver fell on his head then he remembered that he thought of her in a class, but what class he thought then he remembered the teacher and knew immindatly that it was math. As he was heading to the school to see what awaits him at the math class he looked upon the destruction that the demon he just killed has done and his heart filled with sorrow of all those who was lost, cause his heart will lift the grief of those lost. Finally he reached the school with nothing but sorrow filling his heart and his eyes, as he got closer he noticed that the building his math class was completely untouched and unharmed. As he walked even closer he notices a blue flame a small blue flame coming out of the foundation of the building. Then with his heart filled with anger the flame that was burning in his eyes earlier returned with a bright red t his time, out of anger Dylan ran towards the build only to be greeted by another demon this demon wasn’t like the last one no this demon was a woman and had the skin of an angel but the act of a devil, Dylan still in his rage charged and tried to stabbed the demon in one strike, then with a cunning movie Dylan chopped off the demons head and without even looking back headed into the building where he saw a portal to the underworld, without second thinking he dove straight into the portal and the instant he did that he was sent through hell for all his fears and horrors were shown as he feel into the depth of the underworld, but as soon as he notice he was scared one thought ran through his head, that thought was the thought of Kayla his goddess of roses and just as soon as that thought went into his head a sliver rose feel upon his head, as Dylan paused for a moment and looked at the rose and its sliver coloring he suddenly got a burst of courage and moved forward on through the underworld cause he knew why he was there and what he was doing he was rescuing his true love. As he pushed forward though the most horrific place a human can be would scare any normal human, but Dylan paid no mind to it and moved forward as all the demons around watched in amazement how Dylan didn’t stop at the horror scenes. One of the demons with exactly good eye sight, and was out casted by other demons. For his sight but this demon noticed that Dylan had a fire burning with in his eyes, this demon has seen this fire before, it’s the fire of the creator, the demon hating the underworld and the one who ruled it went up to Dylan, Dylan holding the sword that the god of gods gave him just stared down the demon, the demon with out fear said to Dylan “you, you are the creator of the gods aren’t you?” Dylan in surprised asked “how did you know that” the demon feeling smart replied “I can see the fire in your eyes I know the look of the fire” Dylan now amused by the Dylan asked “and how demon do you know the fire that is with held in my eyes” the demon still feeling smart replied “cause I use to be a creator like you but not for the gods for the demons” Dylan now thinking smart asked “and why you the only demon have confronted me in the underworld why has not another demon try to kill me yet” the demon smart as usually said “ they fear your bravery now follow me I will take you to the ruler” Dylan in a bit of shock said “how do you know im looking for the ruler” the demon with confidents said “cause of that rose you have in your hand it’s a sliver rose and only the goddess of roses can make those and only her true love can hold them without being cut” Dylan now in a state of confusion stated “but why a demon of the underworld take me to the ruler, for you know I have come to kill him” the demon acting like always “cause he isn’t the true ruler, I am he overthrew me many years ago and I’ve been waiting for a savor holding a rose and a fire in his eyes to come and restore proper power to this world, now follow me” Dylan now comptly convinced that the demon isn’t lying followed him to a tower, a tower made of human and demon bones alike, Dylan now feeling a bit of fear kept moving forward as the demon follows right be hide Dylan, the demons that still loyal to the true ruler showed up one after another to follow Dylan to his battle with the untrue ruler of the underworld, as Dylan and the demons came closer and closer Dylan noticed a garden full of red roses and in the center of them was Kayla his goddess Dylan in excitement ran up to her to only find out it was a trap he was enclosed in a ring of blue fire for which had no escape all of a sudden he was circled by demons, these demons were different than the ones before they had a blacker and more sinister look to them, as the ones before had a more joyful look and a red look to them. Dylan now caught in a trap with his goddess in a deep sleep right in front of him pulled out his sword, and started a fierce battle with the demons kill them all but with major coast to himself, for himself got hit about 4 times in the legs and arms and was no bleeding excessively, but Dylan standing strong yelled out “UNTRUE RULER OF THE UNDERWORLD I HAVE COME TO VANGUISE YOU AND RECLAM THIS REALM FOR THE TRUE RULER AND TAKE BACK WHATS BELONGS TO ME” A sudden burst of blue flame and lightning appeared and the and the so called god of the underworld emerged from its ashes to great Dylan with a fierce look, Dylan didn’t say a word and only looked back straight into the gods eye’s, then out of nowhere a sudden red flame emerged from under Dylan’s feet, as the fire grow and grow the sword he carried turned to silver and held the flame on its blade. Dylan with no fear charged in at the god, but Dylan unwitting thinking forgot that just cause he is a god doesn’t mean he fights fair, for he is suppose to be the god of the underworld, just as about Dylan was getting ready to hit the god with friary blade, a demon came out of nowhere and bit Dylan on the neck draining every last power with in him. Dylan, laying weak and helplessly on the ground of the underworld with blue flames closing in on him suddenly heard a cry, not a cry of joy but a cry of sorrow. As he looked up he could see his goddess of roses looking at him with tears filling her eyes, Dylan knowing he did all he could whispered to the goddess *I love you* and feel unconscious, but just as he did a rose, a rose of fell on his head, but it wasn’t like any of the other roses no this one was blue, the rose of love. Just as it fell upon Dylan’s head he got a surge of power and rose back up with nothing in his eyes but sky blue flames, he charged once again towards the god, now the god thought Dylan was done for so he moved his attention to the demon war that was going on, the god not even knowing what happed, had his head cut off with the flame of love that now covered the now blue sword. One he did that all the demons stopped fighting and focused on him. And declared him the ruler of the underworld but Dylan with pride and a rose in his hand stated “ I am not the ruler of the underworld I am the creator, the creator of the gods, for this demon” pointing to the demon that came up to him earlier “ he is the ruler and the true ruler” now that Dylan was done with the demons he ran up to the cage where his goddess was held and wit out trying broke the bars holding her inside just as that happed she ran into his arms smiling and crying said “I love you” Dylan feeling smart asked “why cry there is no more sorrow in your hear” she laughed and said “baby it’s not tears of sorrow its tears of joy” now heading back to the world where Dylan is from all the demons bowed and at the portal where Dylan came from the ruler of the underworld said “we owe many thanks to our savior” Dylan with pride in his voice said “ rise my demon for you only owe yourself” after that Dylan and his goddess Kayla went back to earth to be greeted by all the gods and goddess and just an hour later the two were married and lived happily with each other until the end of the world

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