Our Club house

December 19, 2012
By Ariel3455 SILVER, Odessa, Texas
Ariel3455 SILVER, Odessa, Texas
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"You made me clean my mirror and had me realize nothing is wrong with me" - Ariel

Our clubhouse

Everyday when I get ready to leave school, as I am grabbing my binder, I pull my backpack towards me. I push my binder in the bag. I was a bit bothered that no one would walk me home since my best friend has been gone. I pull my iPod out of my pocket and turn to the band Bring Me The Horizon, the headphones hanging around my neck, as I am putting the buds in my ears, I look to my right to see if Jacob was there but the usual he was gone. I frown just thinking about the thought.

I start to think he was my best friend. Where did he go? Why did he leave me? Did I do something wrong? Was I a bad friend? “No don’t think that Vanessa!” as I think to myself.

He’s always mentioned he had the best of times with me that no one could ever replace me, one day we would run away together and go to New Zealand or Paris. How is that possible if he is not here?

I close my eyes as I open the doors in the back of the gym. I walk out and look at the park that’s across the street.

“Should I go to the park?” I sigh and look down the south side to where I live from here to my house it’ll be about a two hour walk.

” Eh I’ll just go to the park I don’t feel like hearing how great my sister is, why I can’t be like her?” coming from my parents ever single day.

I really don’t care she is just stuck up because she gets everything and anything she wants and she likes to show off. But me on the hand I have to work to get what I want.

I cross the street and go towards the swing set Jacob and me always had everyday after school and weekends too. I smile and drop my bag on the dirt, the smell of rain comes I wrap my arms around the chains of the swing and gently begin to move my legs back and forth, closing my eyes, as the sky turns into a blue and grayish color. I feel as if Jacob’s hands are on my back pushing me. Thunder starts to ring all around me. I fall to my knees and I feel hot balls of water running down my cheeks to my hands. Where once Jacob’s hands use to perfectly fit mine. I stack my hands on top of each other, pulling myself over to my back. I remember when he first kissed me, the first kiss I ever had in my life. Our hearts began to beat the same speed. When we were going to the school dance, he was wearing a black tux with a red rose in his pocket of his jacket. When he arrived at my front door and knocked I went running down the stairs to greet him before my parents did, but I almost tripped over those heels I never really wear high heels same as a dress. When my mother opened the door she smiled at him and told him to come in so he walked in with his eyes locked on me, smiling. I could tell he was surprised because he had never seen me wear a dress for anyone or anything. I smiled,

“Are you ready?”

He walks by me and my mom grabs the camera and she laughs “say cheese” He grabs my hand and takes me out to his Silverado that I was in love with for a very long time I love the seats inside and the lights on the radio were blue, which is my favorite color. He opens my door and helps me get in and closes the door. We drive off to the dance. Twenty minutes later we arrive at the school, he walks out and opens my door and we walk in to the front of the school doors.
I smile and look around seeing all the beautiful lights. Couples dancing. He notices I am looking at people grabbing their partner’s hand; he reaches over touching my hand. Taking me to the dance floor. He stands in front of me putting his right hand on my hip and his left still tied together. We begin to dance to the music which was “Don’t take the girl” “by Tim McGraw” he looked me in the eyes and started singing the song to me like as if he knew all the words. We start turning to the music while his body is moving.

We get done and he asks me “Are you ready to leave? I want to go to the park,” with a smile on his face. “Ok” I smile.

We began to wonder down the park as I am taking my high heel’s off I was getting tired of them. We climb up the slide and sit there staring at the moon I turn and look at him looking at the moonlight behind him, admiring his stunning features, the moon with a little cloud right on the bottom of it the stars shining out so gorgeous. He looked at me and stared me in the eyes, seeing him honeysuckle brown eyes, his dimples in between his beautiful smile. His black curly hair falling over on top of his eyebrows, those curly locks that drive me wild when I run my fingers through it. He smiles at me and wraps his arm about my back pulling me close to where my chest was pressuring against his. I was unsure if I should stop him or keep going on his eyes locked on mine, he bent his head down to where his forehead touched mine. His lips have meet mine I see him closing his eyes I couldn’t breathe at that moment, but it felt so right like I belonged to him. He was my soul mate I now realize. Every time he leaves me I feel my heart drop my sadness comes, while he is kissing me my heart begins to beat faster by the second. My stomach feeling like fireworks is being popped. He let go and put his hands on my cheek and smiles

“Vanessa I love you, one day we will get married I promise” right before I could say anything I see he is looking past my shoulder and I turn and look at his icy blue eyes-that I remember so much his clear face that brown spot on his upper lip.

“Oh no its Joshua my old best friend that left me for someone else” Jacob gets up and pulls on my hand “ hurry Vanessa lets go!” being dragged by him. I look at Joshua again he pulls something out of his pocket and points it at us I look closely “Jacob!” I scream, “he has a gun!” he starts to shoot at Joshua. Jacob pulls me up and we start to run. We run to my sister’s house.

He stops and looks at me “I am so sorry, I love you please stay safe Vanessa” he pulls me up against him, feeling him shaking while one of his tears hit my shoulders. “Jacob please don’t go” I began to cry he pushes me away

“I will see you soon Vanessa” he kisses me one last time he turned away pushing himself away so he won’t see me crying. As he is walking away seeing him limp as my tears hit the floor

“I love you too”, he looks back and waves. I wave back. I run inside and slam the door and start to cry harder.

I get up from the ground and walk to the club house that was our place no one was to be at that was the clubhouse his parents made for us when we were seven ever since then we made it into our own library we bought some books and we would write our own about us in the future but every one that read them loved them.

I climb up the stairs as the rain began to pour on me, the color on the walls were starting to faded that baby blue color we liked so much. I look around the clubhouse and smile remembering all the books and series we bought we read and made. Some nights when it was too late to walk home we would sleep there. I look down on the floor looking at the typewriter he bought me for my birthday when I was 12. I run my fingers along the key letters feeling out cold they were since I haven’t used them in a while.

“ Wow I haven’t been here for four months” I sigh and sit on the floor and I lay down on the little bed we had made for us I could smell his cologne he always wore his deep berry strong smell. I close my eyes feeling a little light headed. I fall asleep.
Morning comes and I wake up to the bright sunlight shining on my face waking me up I get up and move the blanket from on top of me. I stand up and wipe my back and I rub my eyes I walk over to the mirror to look at my hair to see how messy it was I see all the pictures of us on the mirror. I turn to the mirror avoiding the pictures and starts to fix my hair as I am looking I see someone standing in the back of the room. I take a closer look. I turn around

“Oh my… where have you been Jacob!” I run up to him. Then I realize it was just the wall all the happiness I felt when I thought it was it was just my imagination. He isn’t here he will never be here. I go down the climb house deciding to go home, to shower up.

I look down at the ground seeing another pair of feet standing right in front of mine. I slowly look up “Jacob!” he looks at me with those honeysuckle brown eyes the eyes I have been missing for a very long time now he is smiling at me.

“Vanessa I missed you so much” hearing his voice made my life feel so much safer and happier he grabs me and hugs me tightly “where have you been? Why did you leave me?”

He moves away looks me in the eyes “ remember that night I left you standing there at your sisters house?”

“Yes” I say upset a bit

“Well Josh shot me in the back of the thigh I was trying not to show it and when I was walking to the hospital there he was waiting for me he was saying I took you away from him so he had to kill for that since he was in love with you”
I look up at the tree
“We got in a big fight to where my arm was broken so I had to hide from you so you wouldn’t worry Vanessa”

I grab him by the arms and kiss him.
He lets go and reaches to his back pocket pulling out a small black box and kneels down in front of me

“Vanessa will you marry me?”

The author's comments:
I wanted to do a story over me and my best friend that I am in-love with

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on Jan. 11 2013 at 3:05 pm
Ariel3455 SILVER, Odessa, Texas
5 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You made me clean my mirror and had me realize nothing is wrong with me" - Ariel

Thank You!

on Jan. 11 2013 at 3:05 pm
Ariel3455 SILVER, Odessa, Texas
5 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You made me clean my mirror and had me realize nothing is wrong with me" - Ariel

I will try my best :)

Kjs2628 BRONZE said...
on Dec. 30 2012 at 7:32 pm
Kjs2628 BRONZE, Middletown, Ohio
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Imagination is ageless, laughter is timeless, and dreams are forever. <3

Great story. You should turn it into a novel. :)


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