December 18, 2012
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He was so perfect, his name was Michael. He was athletic, smart, sweet, cute and the list went on. I loved Michael with all my heart. He was like my fallen angel, or my knight in shining armor, till I saw his dark side. The first time I saw Michael this way was about a year ago; we were Juniors. I went over to his house to hang out with him. I was sure he was going to be in a bad mood, they lost the football game that day. I knocked on his door then walked in like I always do. It was kind of like my routine.
“Michael,” I called.
“In the living room.“
I slowly walked in and stood in the door way. He was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands mumbling nonsense.
“ Michael, are you okay?” I asked.
“Do you think I’m okay Jane? We just lost the biggest game of the year and you are asking if I’m okay?!” He yelled.
That was the first time he had ever raised his voice to me. I tried to be patient with him. I went over and sat down beside him.
“It’ll be okay,” I tried to assure him. Before I could touch him, he grabbed my arms then punched me in the stomach. Then without hesitating threw me into the glass table. My head hit the table first and I heard a loud crack. I grabbed my head because it felt like my head would break in two. I groaned and looked at my hand, it was covered in blood.
“ Oh God, I’m so sorry Jane. We got to get you to the hospital.”
I kept calm and hoped my voice was not shaky. “ It’s okay Michael, I’m fine.”
“ It won’t happen ever again, I promise. I love you.”
“ I love you too Michael.”
I believed him. I had to. I loved him.

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