December 17, 2012
The doorbell rang as guest started to arrive. The cinnamon scented candle filling their noses. The house was fully decorated with Christmas décor. Red Santa stalking’s hang in equal distance apart on the fire place. The tree standing tall not too far away, hiding in the many lights and decorations dressed on it. Mistletoes hiding in the many doorways of the house looking for his next victims to arrive. The fire place hot with fire burning the wood sacrificed in it. The table cloth red with a tiny Christmas tree center piece.
People filed in the holiday party in groups of two or more. With wrapped gifts with specific names on each. Planning to stay at the party past 12pm to exchange the wrapped gifts on this Christmas Eve. As they walked through the door they gently kissed the hosts on the check as they greeted them, noticing the mistletoe above their heads.
I stood there looking in the mirror of my bedroom dresser as the guest arrived. This was it this is the time I meet him.
Months Ago…
“Hey have you ever heard of this new website called Tumblr?” my best friend Mia asked. She had come over my house to “study” (in other words gossip).
“No. What’s that?” I replied while scrolling through my new Teen Ink magazine that came in the mail that morning.
“Well apparently it’s the new MySpace.” She said with a sour look on her face remembering all the aspects of it.
I pulled over my laptop to look it up. Tumblr I typed.
“Here it is,” I say as it was loading. She scooted toward it was we examined. We took turns signing up. It asked us for certain components such as our name, email address, phone number, etc. We finished signing up pretty fast. We love getting together to scout out the “New” websites so we had experience. In the find your friend’s box I started typing some our friend’s names. I found a couple of people from our school. In our dashboard pictures popped up one by one. With the option to reblog, like or reply. I slowly began getting the hand of it and next thing I knew people were following me. They were able to reblog and like my stuff.
One day I came home and there was something in my ask box in Tumblr. “Hi” read the box from SkaterBoy101. I scouted out his profile picture and his page he seemed pretty cool.
“Hello!” I replied back. He started to message me in my inbox and me back to him. He was really cool. We liked the same music and the same sports. It turns out we actually lived in the same county. We decided eventually that we should meet, but times had to be pushed because one of us were busy or something else. We kept messaging though sad that we still hadn’t met yet.
My parents were having a holiday party so I asked if he would like to go, for real this time. “Yes, I’ll be there. I promise. ;)” He replied back. I started planning and wanted everything to be perfect I really liked him. I think he liked me too or at least I hoped.

“This is it,” I whisper to myself as I walk down the stairs to my holiday party. When I got down he was already there staring at me trying to walk down the stairs without falling. We both didn’t make any of the holiday colors. I wore blue skinny jeans and a black Linkin Park t-s*** and converse. My black hair was down covering half of my face and eye liner and mascara darkened my brown eyes. He was simpler. Baggy jeans and a blue and black stripped zipped up jacket his hair falling in his face. Our eyes met and started up the stairs as I came down. I forgot I put mistletoe above the stairs where we met. He looked at me, pointed to the mistletoe leaned in and kissed me.

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In_Love_with_Writing said...
Dec. 26, 2012 at 12:30 am
This was really cute.
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