A Litany of Words to You

December 10, 2012
But everybody knows it's all about the things that get stuck in your head. And you've been stuck there since day one. Tumbling around my brain, getting stuck all over the walls. Do you know what it's like to try to think a thought that's not tainted with your essence? Neither do I.
Since day one you've been engraved in my senses. My fingers always reaching, always yearning to cling to yours. You're a vital organ and I am a person who is only complete when you are where I can reach out and run my fingers along the patterns of your skin.
The way you smell is something I will never forget. I could swear it's part of my biological make-up, a part of my genes, my DNA. Just another thing to make sure I can never forget you.
The way you look when you move so purposefully across the room. Or the way your eyes look when the sun hits them just right, I think you have a fire hidden in the pupil of your eyes. Or what about the way you look when you genuinely laugh; like there is not a trouble in the world and I can see your entire being glow, it's almost as if I can see your soul.
Then there's the sound of your voice, like water running over the rocks; rough and beautiful at the same time. Can somebody tell me how such a conundrum is possible? How such a confusing sounds has become my favorite thing to fall asleep to.
Can somebody tell me how it is you make my heart quiver and lungs ache? How you make my fingers itch to play you like a piano, coaxing a melody from your willing body. Can somebody explain the paradox to me, of how you make my entire body ache with need and yet make me so afraid to show you the real me? I don’t understand the way you make me feel, I don't understand at all.
I think what I've been trying to say, since the beginning of this litany of words that describe you, is explain what you mean to me. But I got distracted describing what you are to me, and what you do to me. I got distracted trying to decipher my feelings, understand what you do to me. Yet, here I am, nearing the end of my musings, no closer to the answer than before. So, I'll close this account of lovely words with something simple, something easy to comprehend.
I will forever love you.

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jesusmccartney said...
Dec. 20, 2012 at 9:41 am
This is a good poem. It is deep and I can relate to it because I'm in the same situation with someone I love.
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