Love is No Different Than a Firework Show

November 24, 2012
Mint Delancey clutches her tin lunch box in her hands. She enjoys these visits to the Sunnydale Brooke Rest Home, every second Thursday of the month, every month.

Mint waves to her mother from the cleanly polished steps of Sunnydale Brooke, and with a twist, her feet guide her effortlessly through the doors. A musky smell, thick with perfume and oatmeal, wafts through the lobby. Mint's lips fight a smile as she passes by old Rick Ganges in his wheel chair, cursing at one of the helpers. It was like any other visit. Mint weaves in and out of visitors, before arriving at room 24C. She folds her fingers into a fist and knocks.
White hair, wrinkled hands, uneven step. Shaky words, mindless phrases, long pauses. Dancing eyes, eyelids creased, hearty laugh.

Jancy welcomes Mint into room 24C with open arms. Mint's spirits are instantly lifted as she seats herself down next to Ms. Jancy.

"Now, Mint," Jancy's voice is worn and thin, but light as the first rain of the season. "Where had we left off last?"
Mint refreshes Ms. Jancy, by reminding her that her last story had been about how she and Azul first met. Jancy smiles at the name, a slow, lasting smile.

"And today, I want to ask you what it was like to be in love," Mint continues cautiously. Her eyes search Jancy's face for a sign of reluctance, but Jancy begins to clear her throat.

"Love was a firework show. Thunderous and bright, little spurts of energy every now and then, fading into a spectacular feast for the eyes, the heart, and the mind. Spinning, laughing, dancing, running. Eyes creased, spirits dancing, fingers intertwining. Loving Azul was the show, and knowing he felt the same was the grand finale. His spirit never really disintegrated, just like the fireworks show never really stops crackling in your ears, pounding at your heart, and swimming before your eyes. Love was certainly the most colorful show I had ever taken part in."

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