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December 1, 2012
By , altoona, WI
I remember the first time we met. You had super tan skin , and dark brown eyes.
You only stopped to gaze at me for a second , as did I. Somehow that was enough.
We didn’t need to bother with fancy words or overrated long looks at each other. Us just being there
Was enough. I just never stopped to think what would happen if you were suddenly gone? How would your absence affect my world? Would it even affect it at all ?

Chapter 1:

The first day I actually talked to seemed like it happened a lifetime after I met you. Somehow though they were actually connected to each other. It seemed like another simple day. I woke up, went to work , and went to bed. I was riding in my junky, old convertible on my way to Kmart. Sure enough, there he was. Longtime crush, Taylor.
“ hi holly stewart , how have you been “? He asked
“really good , I had a great summer not so much now though , sense its almost over” she joked
“ well, I gotta get going gotta go meet some friends , but take care of yourself , holly “ he said

He was gone before I could even blink an eye. I didn’t know how to make sense out of that conversation. Its not like we had ever really talked before. I just wondered when the next time we would talk would be ten days , ten weeks or even ten months? It didn’t matter with Taylor though. I didn’t fret over the moments we didn’t have and appreciated the ones we did.

Chapter 2 :

I didn’t see taylor for weeks. In the meantime, I was getting my mind of my situation while helping some else with theirs. Not just anyone. My best friend scarlett. She was beautiful, a redhead, and completely talented.
“ do you know what you’re going to wear to the senior orientation?” she asked
“ I could care less about what im wearing to the orientation , I mean I could go in sweats for all I care “ I said sarcastically
I was hoping that at least until the orenitation I would be able to avoid taylor, but it turns out he was a new waiter at my favorite restaurant, sunrise. “ hi , scarlett, holly how have you guys been?” he asked
“ pretty good just enjoying the last few days of freedom” said scarlett
“ Jeremy misses you , scarlett. Im not really that good of friends with him to be honest but its easy to tell that he sure loved you’” he told her
“ I know its just Im not sure if that’s enough, were not the same people we used to be” she told him
“ well enough of this, do you guys know what you want to order? “ he asked
“ I want a grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad “ holly said
“ I want the double chesse burger with a side of French fries” scarlett told him
We ate our meal, paid ,and left just like any other time we went to sunrise. I was glad that I had seen taylor , it had made me feel like we had been friends for years. Even, when we weren’t. it made me wonder , what it would be like the next time we saw each other. What would be like at the senior orientation? Would we smile at each other and be on our way? Or would we actually talk to each other like we were friends? I don’t know what the future holds, what tomorrow might bring , but I know that I am completely happy living in today.

Ch 3 :

Today is the school orientation. Today is unmarked. We don’t know what today will bring, or evden what this year will bring. I was pacing around my room trying to figure out what to wear. Just yesterday I had said I would be just fine wearing sweats , but I knew that was wrong. I ended up wearing my favorite American apparel jeans paired with a classic white tank top, with plain white flip-flops to match.
In the meantime , scarlett was totally preoccupied on her situation with Jeremy. She was still torn between loving him and getting over him. Whenever things got tough for scarlett , she always found her way back to me. I had always been someone she could count on , and she was always the same.
“ hey im sorry to barge In like this, I just really needed a friend, and you’ve always been that friend for me” she told me
“ of course, I always be here for you , whats going on ?” I asked
“ I miss Jeremy , I know I said I didn’t and I would be fine without him but im really not . “ she cried
Scarlett had been with Jeremy for three entire years. She met him when she was a freshman in high school . she had long , straight bright red hair. He had moved her from new York . it was odd someone moving all the way from new York to pennsilvanna . considering it was such a small town. His dad had got a job working at a organic candy factory. It was too good of a job offer to turn down, so his family moved here. “ hi im Jeremy olsen. Im new here and I have like no idea where any of my classes are would you mind showing me around?” he asked
“ not at all “ scarlett said and smiled. She liked from the moment they met and I think that’s why its so hard for her.

“ have you talked to him sense you two broke up?” I asked

“ no , not really he texted me but I didn’t reply. Im just not ready to face it all yet” she told me
“ do you still love him ?” I asked
“ I do but I’m not sure if its enough. Things have really changed , were not the same two people that fell in love with each other. “ she cried
“ scarlett, you at least owe him the truth” I told her
“ I know I just wish I knew what that was” she said
“ lets just get ready to go and deal with this all tomorrow it all can wait”
“ that actually sounds really good” she smiled
We put on make up , enough to cover up our imperfections but not too much to feel fake.
We straightened our naturally wavy frizzy hair that made us feel connected. We drove to the senior convention in my beat up convertible. The convention was in the library , it took all of thirty minutes. Right after I left the room , there was taylor waiting. Somehow we always came back to each other. We were always waiting on each other. When would the living begin and the waiting stop? Would it be today , tomorrow , time will only tell.
“ hi , holly “ he said
“ hi , taylor , how have you been ?” I asked
“ really good, ive been enjoying working at sunrise”
“ that’s really good” I said
“ can I ask you a question “ he asked
“ anything “ I smiled
“ do you wanna go get a late dinner ?” he asked
“ sure , that sounds perfect “ I told him
We went to sunrise. We had shrimp scampi with a side of wild rice.
“ this place is nice , its small but homey romantic but not cheesy. “ I said
“ what you haven’t been here a million times ?” he asked
“ I have , I just never really noticed it “
“ yeah I know its not the place for a romantic date, but sunrise is home to me. It’s the place where everything s better and everythings safe” he told me
“ I like it here , this place always makes me feel safe and loved”
When the waitres came to our table we ordered our food. She had chestnut curly locks and was wearing way too much dark eye makeup.
“ oh hi taylor, what are you and your friend gonna order?” she asked coyly
“ were getting the dinner for two special of shrimp scampi with wild rice. “ he told her firmly

“ will that be all ?” she asked
“ can we get a side of those chesse filled breadsticks “ he asked
“ ok I’ll have that right up “ she said
“ im sorry that waitress was so weird and awkward around you “ he told me
“ why do you think that is ?” I asked
“ we had a small fling over summer , and she thought it was more than it was. We haven’t been a thing for a while now though. Its probably just awkward that we work together. “ he commented
“ I could see that”
“ I’ve wanted to ask you out for a long time , holly “ he confessed
“ why didn’t you?” I asked him
“ well for one , I was scared shitless and plus you are way too good for me , holly “ he joked
“ well that’s kinda true I am on the debate team, volleyball, and in too many extra creiccullars to count “ I joked
“ I know how people see me and perceive me but, I’m not the same guy I was last year. I don’t do drugs, I don’t sleep with girls I don’t know , and I definitely don’t drink anymore” he told me
“ what made you stop ?” I asked gently
“ my parents intervened big time. They told me I was way in over my head and I needed major perfessional help . if it wasn’t for my parents I would most likely be dead. “ he said
“ im sorry but this is just a lot to take in on a first date “
“ I’m sorry if I said too much, I just want to be honest with you holly , I don’t want to keep anything from you “ he said
“ its ok I’m glad that you’re as open and honest as you are. Its just kind of hard to believe you used to do drugs. You seem too good for that”
“ I know its hard to believe holly , but I’m never returning to drugs. They consumed my life a year ago and I’m never letting that happen again “ he told me
I knew I was different than the other girls he dated. I was just holly Stewart. He dated girls like Francesca baker or Carrie Sullivan. Girls that either had perfect platinum blonde hair or beautiful dark chestnut hair. They also had perfect bikini bodies , and were a little on the risqué side. “ I know I’m not like the other girls , with gorgeous brunette hair and a super skinny body to match “ she said
“ I’m glad that you aren’t. I love the way you look , holly. You have beautiful, sexy long strawberry blonde hair with baby blue eyes to match “
The next thing I knew he was up at my doorstep kissing me goodnight. It was perfect, I felt sparks tingling on every muscle on my mouth.

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