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The First Day

December 6, 2012
By OracleIz SILVER, De Queen, Arkansas
OracleIz SILVER, De Queen, Arkansas
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Ch.1 Aiden and Noah

With a flick of his wrist, Aiden Newbury opened the door to his first period Art class. The room was decorated in the atypical,art room way. Color wheels lined the walls,as well as work from the year previous. The seating were individual chairs behind long tables,two each. The tables were arranged in a large square formation, an opening in one corner that allowed room for someone to walk in the middle of the square.

The blond,wavy haired,blue eyed teen boy chose a seat on the far side of the classroom and settled in while others swarmed in for the first class period of the year. A few waved at him,which he returned with a smile but other wise didn't encourage further contact. He was rather well liked among most students,being a friendly and outgoing boy of only sixteen. He nearly always had someone with him while at school and to be honest,it got kind of old.So he cherished classes in which he could be alone.

It seemed this would be one of those classes. He sighed,running a hand through his short hair with distaste.He would rather have kept his mini fro but his mother had insisted he cut it short much to his close friend's,Ingrid and Lydia, dismay.He chuckled at the shrieks the girls had let loose upon seeing him this morning.Who knew such loud noises could be produced by such small beings?

His thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open to reveal a tall,lanky boy with a mop of brown hair. Aiden's heartbeat quickened once he realized just who he was. Noah Beckett's brown eyes swept the classroom and landed on Aiden. A silly,crooked smile formed quickly on his thin face causing Aiden to give him his signature bright,toothy smile. "Noah! Hey!" He called,gesturing for the other boy to take the empty seat beside him. Noah quickly walked to stand next to him."Hey." he said,pulling back the chair so he could sit.

They hadn't seen each other since the previous week when they had both attended a party at Graham Thomas' house.A party in which they had both told each other how they felt and shared their first kiss. Neither really knew how to classify their current relationship but hoped that it would lead to something beyond their expectations. Aiden had known for a while that Noah had a crush on him,just by pure instinct, but had only recently began to realize how much he liked him back.

Aiden's eyes roamed Noah's face, a great intensity in his oceanic blue eyes. "I missed you." he whispered,reaching under the table to squeeze his boyfriends hand. The brunette smile slightly and replied in a low voice. "Me too."

The author's comments:
This is a short story that is written as a part to a whole series called "Real Life". The couple in this piece are both males by the names of Aiden and Noah.

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