Love Struck

November 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Love Struck
Dillon was sitting on the bleachers, staring dreamily at Jet, when all of a sudden she felt something smack the back of her head. She turned around and noticed it was Candi, her arch enemy.
“Whoops, sorry didnt’t see you there nerd,” Candi said.
Dillon rolled her eyes and began reading her book. Dillon couldn’t stand Candi. Dillon felt another hit on the back of the head and she thought it was Candi again so she turned around to yell, and then noticed that it was just her best friend, Daria.
“I almost yelled at you!” Dillon said.
“Why?” Daria replied.
“Candi did that to me a minute ago.”
“Oh, I don’t like her.”
“Neither do I.”
Dillon went back to reading her book, when all of a sudden the light darkened. She looked up and one of Candi’s best friends was standing in front of her.

“Candi said to back off, Jet is hers.”

“Last time I checked they were broken up,” replied Dillon.
Candi’s friend rolled her eyes and walked away. Dillon watched as she told Candi what Dillon replied. Dillon watched Candi jump off the bleachers in front of Jet and she kissed him. Dillon got really mad and rushed out of the gym without telling Daria where she was going. Daria figured she was walking home, so she just followed her. When they got to Dillon’s house, they went straight to Dillon’s room.

“Are Candi and Jet back together?” Asked Dillon

“Not that I know of, last time I heard he is over her,” replied Daria.

“She’s so snotty!”

“I know!”

“Well it’s late and I am tired, so are you staying over or going home?”

“Staying over, Duh!”
The next day at school Dillon decided she was going to try to talk to Jet. When she saw him in the hallway talking to Candi, she changed her mind. Later that day she was laughing at Daria, not paying attention, and she bumped into Jet and dropped all her books. He helped her pick them up.

“Do you want to go to dinner with me tonight?” Asked Jet

“Umm….Aren’t you dating Candi again?” Dillon replied


“Oh well, sure.”

“I will pick you up around seven.”

“Okay,” Dillon said with a big smile on her face.
Dillon went home and did all her homework. Once she was finished she picked out what clothes she was going to wear for dinner with Jet. When she was finished she called Daria and told her. Daria went crazy! It was six forty five when Dillon started getting really nervous about the date.
It was seven o’ clock when she heard someone honk their horn outside. She finished doing her make up and put her shoes on, then headed outside. She stood on the porch and felt the nice night breeze on her face. She watched as Jet got out of the car and made his way up the porch steps to grab Dillon’s hand and take her to the car. Her heart starting beating a million times faster when she felt his hand touch hers.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Jet stated.

“Thank you,” Dillon replied.
She knew she was blushing when Jet told her she looked beautiful. She felt it in her cheeks; they were starting to get really hot. She couldn’t help but wonder where he was taking her for dinner.

“So where are we going to eat?” Dillon asked.

“The best Italian restaurant in town,” Jet replied.
Dillon was so excited. She gets to go on a date with the boy of her dreams and they are going to Olive Garden. Dillon loves Italian food.
When they pulled into the parking lot, she got nervous all over again. She saw a pink mustang that looked just like Candi’s. She was wishing in her mind that it wasn’t Candi’s and that she was just seeing things. She closed her eyes then opened them and the mustang was still there. There she was. Candi was rushing over with her arms open, about to hug Jet, but to Dillon’s surprise Jet pushed her away and helped Dillon out of the truck.
Candi didn’t leave them alone the whole night, so Dillon and Jet decided to just leave.

“I’m sorry about Candi; she obviously isn’t over me,” Jet said.

“It’s okay,” Dillon replied.

“Dillon, I have really liked you for awhile.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No, I am serious.”

“That’s crazy; I have liked you ever since I saw you.”

“Do you want to go out with me?”

They arrived at Dillon’s house and Jet walked her to the door. She started to walk into her door, but Jet pulled her back and kissed her. Dillon couldn’t explain how happy she was.
The next day Dillon saw Jet sitting with his two best friends at lunch, Blaze and Maddox. She was going to sit with him, but he was sitting with his buddies, so she was going to go sit with Daria until she heard Jet yell her name. She grabbed Daria and they went to go sit with him.
They were almost finished with their lunch when Candi came rushing over to the table.

“What is this Jet? I am supposed to sit with you at lunch, not,” Candi glared over at Dillon. “That ugly toad!”

“Candi, 1. You don’t sit with me 2. She is not an ugly toad, she is my girlfriend, so get over yourself and go sit with your stupid little cheerleader friends,” Jet replied.
Candi laughed as if she didn’t care then walked off. Dillon was surprised at how Jet told Candi off.
Dillon sat with Daria at the championship basketball game for their school. They have won state two years in a row. There was only ten seconds left and the game was tied. It was their team’s ball and the other team had called a timeout. When the buzzer blurted, the boys on the teams ran out and got set up. Jet was bringing down the ball with five seconds left. No one on the team was open but him. He was standing on the three point line with three seconds left. The crowd was counting down and at two seconds Jet shot the three, made it, and a player from the other team fouled him. He shot the free throw and made it. Their team won state for the third year!

The next day at lunch Dillon, Jet, Daria, Blaze, and Maddox were all sitting at the same table. They saw Candi walking their way, but to their surprise she just walked past them. Jet and Dillon finally got to be together without Candi always bothering them. Dillon was so happy and ecstatic that they are finally going to be left alone.

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