November 13, 2012
By Jaycee Henderson BRONZE, Rushville, Missouri
Jaycee Henderson BRONZE, Rushville, Missouri
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She was sitting there, staring at the wall, full of despair. She needed to see him; she was aching to see him. Alison had noticed a change in herself, something that neither she, nor anyone else could define. She started pushing everyone away. No one but Holland understood why.

She had met him a few weeks back, she could see in his eyes that he was supposed to be in her life. She wasn’t exactly sure how or why she felt that way, but she did; and she knew he felt that way as well. Alison saw in Holland’s eyes that he was something different, something special. She wasn’t sure if that feeling was a good or bad one, but she went with it.

Alison was out of the house, alone; her mom worked late almost every night so she decided to take a stroll through her old, ghostly town. Alison had stopped only once when she had heard the noise of small twigs snapping under one’s foot. She was worried, terrified; Alison thought something strange was about to happen, she could feel it deep down inside.

Ali had all of a sudden saw a bright flash of light, almost like something had raced around her. The racing light was making her heart beat crazily; she felt as though she was going to black out. The noise got louder; she started breathing faster, and she felt like you could hear her heart beat from a mile away.

All of a sudden, everything stopped; everything went black. Alison felt like she was falling through thin air, she couldn’t breathe. She completely blacked out and woke up somewhere completely unfamiliar to her, along with people she didn’t know. There were so many faces with blank expressions staring at her, she stood up and pushed past the crowd of people; until she saw a glimpse of him. She barely even saw his face, but her heart and soul told her it was Holland.

“Why am I here?” asked Alison, “What happened to me?” Holland knew not to let her find out what really happened, or at least not any time soon.

“What are you talking about? You just passed out five minutes ago,” said Holland.

“No I didn’t, something weird happened, Holland. I know it did! What is this place anyways?” asked Ali.

“Ali, calm down. I promise you everything will make sense sooner or later,” said Holland.

Holland took Alison by the hand and led her to a small stream. They sat on the edge of the stream and let their feet soak in the icy cold water. Alison was so lost, she knew she didn’t belong there; she knew she should’ve been at home, waiting on her mom like always. She knew she needed to leave, but she loved the feeling of warmth coming from Holland’s hand on hers.

Holland and Ali had stayed by the water for hours, or what felt like hours. She could feel herself falling in love with him, faster and faster. Then all of a sudden, the laughing and talking to Holland had stopped; he was staring at something, at someone. Once again, Ali got a bad feeling in her gut.

She saw him; he had bright blonde hair and deep blue eyes, almost like Holland, except Holland had a more muscular figure. He was walking towards, with a look in his eyes that almost looked, evil.

“Who might this be, Holland?” asked Nelson.

“This is-“

“My name is Ali,” Ali interrupted.

“Yes, this is Ali,” Holland stated. “Now move along, Nelson.”

“Fine, fine, Holland, be like that. It was a pleasure to meet you Ali,” said Nelson. Alison was so confused. Do they hate each other? She thought. Why did he push him away?

It was getting dark; Holland led Ali to a small cottage along a small stone path. “Just stay here tonight, Ali. Promise me you won’t leave,” Holland said. “I can’t really promise you anything right now, Holland. I don’t even know where I am.” Alison said. “Ali, everything is going to be all right, just stay here tonight and we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.” Holland said as he kissed her forehead and walked out.

Ali liked Holland, she nearly loved him; But she noticed something that she liked about Nelson as well. Nelson was so open, so kind; he told her how beautiful she was, it nearly gave her chills. Why couldn’t Holland be like that? Why did he have to push her away; why did he have to be so distant from her, from everything?

Ali was returning to the cottage she had been staying in when all of a sudden she heard a shriek and thesound of bodies slamming against the ground. Holland and Nelson were fighting. Ali was worried, practically terrified; she wanted to leave; she wanted to go home. Why couldn’t she? She thought.

Soon enough Holland and Alison met eachother’s gaze, and Holland saw the true horror in Ali’s eyes. Holland stopped what he was doing instantly, he stood up and ran towards Ali, practically embarrassed. He knew better, he knew he shouldn’t have confronted Nelson; he knew it wuld turn out exactly like it did.
Ali was so disappointed, she couldn’t forgive him. How could she? He’s a monster, she thought. “I don’t want to be here Holland! I demand that you take me home, I’m tired of this chaos! I’ve been here for three days and I hate it,” Ali screamed.

“Ali, please. I told you everything make sense sometime,” Holland said.

“No Holland, just take me home. Everyting about this place is just, strange,” said Ali.

“Ali, I love you.”

“Take me home, Holland.”

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