You Were the sun

November 10, 2012
By LaraMei GOLD, Commack, New York
LaraMei GOLD, Commack, New York
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And I was the land.

It seemed as though we were eternally separated by either the vastness of the sky or the all consuming darkness of the night. “I’ll be waiting at dawn,” I would whisper into the wind and you would know because faithfully the next morning, you would be there. We would meet at the horizon and your kiss would warm my skin. For a few brief moments, we could be in each other’s grasp. But then, you would leave. There was nothing I could do to make you stay, for I was tethered to the Earth’s core and you were fixed in perpetual motion.

The days were long and they ached with painful loneliness. I could always watch you, always feel your presence, but I could never be with you—until the evening. You would fall onto my other half. Rest your head in my grasp. And then you would disappear into the night, but that didn’t hurt so much. I knew you were safe. I knew you were mine.

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