The Lover deal

October 29, 2012
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The Lovers Deal

It’s was a droopy morning in the Castle of Kashian, where a fair maiden was just finishing her daily duties as lady in waiting. The princess was out in the garden getting courted once again by another fine suitor. Watching from a window the maiden couldn’t help but feel ignored.
“Why can’t I have any suitors, my name itself means beauty.” Sighing she walked away from the window, “Isabella where are you.” Coming yelled the maiden, shushing off to find the king. “Here child take these apples to catacombs before they rot.” Rushing off to the stairs she made her decent, stopping briefly when an apple toppled over and rolled of toward the dungeon.
When she found the apple it was a cell with a withered old woman who looked like she had been there since the castle was built. Wondering whether or not she should go for the apple, the woman spoke in an old husky voice. “Poor lost child, how sad and lonely you look, tell Momma Else what troubles you. Considering if it would just be safer to turn and walk away, she had a seat.

She told the woman all about the princess getting suitors from all over the world and all she got was chores and duties on how to be ready if the kingdom ever became hers. “I would just like one of the fine men to notice me.” “Well child I can help but it will take a very big risk on your part.” My deals is simple, the next suitor that comes for the princess will see you and want you instead, you in return dear have three days to fall in love.” “If you fail to fall in love I gain your freedom and you take my place in the prison cell. Do not take this lightly there is a reason that they princess has not picked a suitor yet.”
Interested by what the woman had to offer she simply smiled and agreed to the terms. “Then my dear take a bite of the apple you have dropped and the deal will begin.” Grabbing the apple in a greedy haste she took a bite and chewed as fast as her mouth would allow. The woman watched with a sign of disgust on her face but simply smiled and said “remember Isabella you have till the sun sets on the third day after the suitor arrives to fall in love.” Happy with glee she rushed up the stairs forgetting about the basket of apples by the woman named Else.
Ten days had gone by since the deal had been made and Isabella was staring to lose hope in a suitor ever coming. Maybe word had spread that the princess refuses to pick a man and now nobody wishes to make the journey. At sunset on the tenth day a letter came to the palace that a young man was making his way across the Pacific Ocean to seek the princess. He was to arrive in five days. Excited with the news Isabella ran down to tell the old witch that her chance was coming. But when she reached the old cell it was empty with nothing more than a single gleaming apple showing off the one and only bite in its skin.
The passing week dragged on for Isabella, the castle was in a rush trying to prepare for the arrival of the new man. On the day the ship was supposed to dock, Isabella ran down to the pier. Wearing her best dress and hair coming down in curls, she stood at the dock staring out on the horizon waiting for a shape to break the endless distance. Half the day had passed and all that came was fisherman and a few merchants but no prince. Being to worry that the ship had ran into a storm and was blown of course. As the dragged on the maiden began to grow restless, finally as the sun was setting she turned away and walked toward the castle. As she reached the end of the pier there was a shout announcing that a ship was coming in.
Turning around she saw it just off the break of the horizon was grand ship hosting royal colors. Giddy with glee the maiden stood there frozen watching as it pulled by the current made its way into the harbor and finally up to the docks. Men started piling out of the ship and forming two lines leaving a gap in the middle. One on the end took out a scroll and announced the arrival of prince Kaden of Anderland. Then slowly a handsome well built young man stepped of the boat and walked in the middle of the two lines. Quickly Isabella pulled herself together and ran to meet Kaden, waiting at the end of the line, she announced that she was the lady in waiting sent to show him toward the castle. Staring at her with a puzzled expression he simply nodded and started to follow along the long trail toward the castle.
Half through the trip the prince started to speak, first simple question like how was palace life here and then got more into her life. He started to ask her personal question forgetting all about the princess, at one point even asking if she had been arranged for a wedding yet. When she answered no to the wedding question he asked if they could take a break. Perching on a rock by the river bed, Kaden burst out that his mind was all foggy. “I remember coming here to seek the princess hand marriage but ever since my eyes saw you, I have forgotten everything has been said about the girl and want to know more about you.” “Please would I be banished if I tried to court instead of the princess, would it seem like a disgrace to come for the next on the thrown and settle for the lady waiting,” asked Kaden. “Unfornatly, yes it would be considered a disgrace and be would be seen as you thinking I am better than the princess.”
“O but please Isabella there must be some way, i don’t care if I ever meet the princess I just wish to woe you and then we would both go back to Anderland were you can become their Queen.” Isabella stared at him chin dragging against the ground in astonishment, so the spell really had worked; now all she had to do was fall in love with him before the sun set in three days. Thinking fast she came up with a plan to keep him here without banishing him from the country. “Listen to me Kaden I have an idea on how you may court me and take me back to become your queen.” “We continue to the castle but instead of entering through the bridge I will lead you through a secret passage underneath that will lead us to the catacombs. There I can get inside and into a spare room. Listening into the plan Kaden knew that it had to work, there was no way a princess could know about a dusty old passage. Signaling for her to show the way they were off again this time headed for an old tomb instead of an inviting bridge.
When they finally made into the castle Kaden was tired, he had never walked so much in his life, normal there was a horse to carry him were ever he pleased. The girl on the other hand seemed just fine almost like she was used to the long walks that took all day. He still couldn’t figure out why he completely forgot about his mission to ask for a princess hand and ended up with somebody in waiting. Sure she was cute but she had nothing for him to gain if they married no land, no money, just a heart which was useless when running a kingdom. It was like a heat wave hit him as soon as he saw her, just standing there all prepared but waiting a long time. Maybe that is what they called love at first sight. He didn’t know but it just felt right to be following her through all the twist and turns that the endless castle had. Until finally she lead him to a room that nobody used and had been long time since a servant entered clean. Dust clinging everywhere like fingers tearing away the paint to create their own design. Shivering with disgust at the sight he smiled and thanks Isabella for letting him stay and not anybody finding him.
As Isabella went to her room in the north tower she thought about how amazing the day had been. Thrilled with joy she bounced into her room and threw herself onto the bed. Rolling over she noticed a letter that had fallen to the floor, curious on who would be writing to her, she broke the seal and began to read. It was a letter from the witch in the dungeon, warning her that now since Kaden arrived she had three days to fall in love or be forced to give up her freedom. Isabella simply laughed, “Who wouldn’t fall in love with him he’s handsome, rich, and a prince.” “Falling in love with him would be just too easy all I have to do is keep him away from the princess for the next three days, and then we both will head toward Anderland.” With that in mind she fell asleep with a smile upon her face.
The next morning Isabella woke up late, “must have been that bloody walk from yesterday.” Hurrying in her morning routines she ran down toward the prince’s room only to find him still asleep, even though it was well past noon. “Lazy thing isn’t he, well we can’t have that, a prince must be up with his kingdom.” Walking over to the bed she grabbed the blankets and yanked, screaming at the top of his lungs Kaden bolted up right looking around the room for the one who ruined his sleep. Seeing Isabella he calmed down for a moment but then started to yell. “How dare you wake me, I’m a prince I deserve to be able to sleep whenever and however long I please.” Surprised by his sudden outburst the maiden shrunk back into the darkness of the room, there was obviously a violent side to him. “I apologize for waking you in your sleep,” mumbled the maiden. “ I just thought since it was past noon you would like to be up, after you wouldn’t want to stay up to late at night.” Looking at the maiden with a puzzled expression he started to laugh, “stay up to late, please I do that every night.” “ I’m a big party boy sleep all day, play all night, back home I have countless woman lining up for a night with me.” “Now if you won’t mind since you woke me up, go fetch me some food.” Stunned at his behavior Isabella turned around and left the chamber.
Walking down the halls Isabella’s mid was turning with everything Kaden just said. Admitting to sleeping with countless women just to have a great time, ordering her around like some common servant. He acted like he didn’t have a single string of manners any were in his head. Not paying attention she ran face first into a very worried princess, “what is the matter princess, you look a fright.” “The prince hasn’t arrived and he’s a day late, where could he possibly be.” Knowing that she couldn’t tell the princess where Kaden was she simple smiled and said, “ I’m sure he’ll be here soon maybe there was a small storm out at sea making a delay.” “Princess if you don’t me asking, why haven’t you picked a suitor to wed yet?” “Simple, said the princess, no of them treated me like a queen, just wanted me around to do things for them.” Nodding in agreement Isabella continued down the hall understanding why Else warned not to take the deal so lightly. Could she fall in love with a spoiled brat?
To finish her daily duties all there was left was to pick up food drop off at the bridge. There delivering the food was a boy only a few years older than her, extremely handsome and strong. Hypnotizing blue eyes and lush blonde hair, she couldn’t help but stare mouth open. “I have a drop off for the palace, are you the one to pick it up?” Still stunned by his looks it was difficult to put on word together but finally made it, “yes.” “Well here you go then, my names Erik by the way.” “Isabella, I’m the lady in waiting.” “That’s pretty cool I guess, do you think tomorrow night at eight you can meet me in the town square.” “I bet you don’t get out of the castle much I bet I can excite your night a bit.” Shell shocked by the boldness of the question all Isabella could was nod, grab the food and run off.
The rest of the night and following day went by in a blur, all she remembered was wondering around castle walls. She couldn’t even remember whether or not she visited Kaden, all that was on her mind was her date tonight with Erik. When the old clock rung seven Isabella burst into her room and started to prepare. Picking out the perfect dress and shoes and matching her hair to her outfit. At seven thirty she headed out for the town square wondering were Erik could possibly be taking her. There sitting on the well was Erik dressed in simple clothing but a huge grin. “I didn’t think you would come, after all a lady in waiting going out with a common servant boy.” Laughing at his joke he took her by the arm and started to lead heard toward an old hay barn where candles were flashing. Inside was a giant ball only the guest weren’t dressed in fancy gowns just an everyday farm dress. Erik turned to face her bowed and offered his hand, realizing that he wanted to dance. Taking his hand she began to dance and continued to dance for the night, taking break to get a drink but going right back to dancing. Enjoying the night with Erik not once did Kaden cross her mind or her duties to be filled in the morning. It was during the very last dance of the night when Isabella realized that she could never love Kaden; he just wanted his own personal servant with. She needed somebody who would treat her like a lady and never ask her if they could sleep with other women.
At the very end of the dance Erik dipped her and looked right into her eyes, then it all clicked she loved him, he was everything she wanted in a man. Fear coursed through her veins, she couldn’t fall in love with Erik, the deal was with the prince. Fear of losing her freedom she quickly thought back to that night and what the witch said exactly. Thinking extremely hard about the words, “You must fall in love by sun set on the third day.” But she never said that it had to be the prince just that she had to fall in love. That meant that she could be with Nick, she loved him and vowed in her head to stay with him till her last breath. Forget about Kaden somebody will find him when they finally dusted the room all she need to know was that Erik would hold on to her and never let go. Just true love and no spells to pull them apart.

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