Never Alone

October 31, 2012
Andrew Harrington, a self made millionaire, was sitting in a hospital room. Everything is silent besides the soft beep of the heart monitor. Then a sudden change in the noise; the current beep,beep,beep has been changed to one long beep. He screams even though he knew what was coming. Andrew shutters at the memory, that had been 3 years in his past and the only thing that had gotten better was his fortune, he was closing in on his 2nd billion. Hundreds of miles away in a small town in Louisiana James Slater and the soon to be Pattie Slater are in a car gassing it to Wisconsin. They had about 4,000 dollars to spend and they knew the wedding wouldn't be that much just a tux , a dress, and a preacher. There on the back porch of the house they just rented and then they say “I do”. James and Pattie both find jobs quickly in the small town and get to work. A few weeks pass, James and Pattie go to the store. Andrew’s depression hasn't got any better and he goes to the store to buy the things needed to end his life. He meets a couple in the store, he sees how happy they are and walks over to start a conversation. They talk for around an hour before they all need to leave. Before everyone leaves he invites them to dinner, they accept.

Andrew is still really depressed but is delighted by the weekly visits from James and Pattie. He doesn't show anything though, he has to stay strong for his friends and his daughter Summer. Andrew makes a promise to himself he will help James and Pattie no matter what. James and Pattie who are almost young daredevils are taking a lot of risk in the small town with almost no cops. It seems like they are always speeding, running red lights, and stop signs. Andrew fears for their lives and how much they will influence on the other young ones in the small town and it does. Pattie and James are on another one of their joy rides and so is a motorcyclist with a very special passenger on it.

One month earlier Andrew and Summer have a big fight about her new boyfriend. Andrew tells her to get out and never talk to him again. A month later, they pack their bags and are hopping on his motorcycle to runoff like James and Pattie did. The car and the motorcycle are speeding up 90,100,110 and then the bright lights of each other’s head lights appear. The car hits the motorcycle and three bodies go flying. Pattie who always kept her seatbelt on is thrown forward and slammed back into her seat. She feels a sharp pain run throughout her body and something oozing from her head. In what seems like forever, a siren is heard and she lets out a small scream. Pattie wakes up in the hospital and asked the nurse about the car wreck. All she knows is one male died, Pattie passes back out. Andrew is in the room when she wakes up again, he tells her that Summer and James are near death and all she has is a shattered arm and broken ribs.

A few days later Pattie is fully awoken and is very active. She worries how she will pay the bills but Andrew does it willingly. Summer and James both are able to pull through their major injuries and are on the road to recovery. A few months pass and everything is getting better James and Summer are living normal everyday lives with one kidney and donated organs. James got a new liver and Summer with a new heart.

Andrew decides to surprize everybody with a trip to a secluded island 16 hours away from a major airport and the a 5 hour helicopter ride to the resort, they all enjoy the news about the trip. A day into the trip everybody is loving all the peace and quiet. The next morning they all sleep in and James and Summer both know they really need their medication and when James starts to look for it he can't find the bag anywhere. They can only live 6 hours without the medication because of how new the organs are and how young their bodies will reject the organs much faster. James and Pattie never made it to Florida, they died on the airplane ride there.

A few days later, Pattie is driving to the funeral and her lack of sleep makes her doze off behind the wheel. She runs off the road into a ditch and is crushed to death by the car. But she isn’t the only one. In the car is a little baby boy the trip to the island was a celebration of her pregnancy . Andrew again is saddened deeply by the loss of all his loved ones and starts to think about ending his life. He is sitting there with everything on his mind when the doctor comes out and says the baby can be saved. Andrew couldn't write the check fast enough. Hours later the little boy is saved.

Everything is peaceful. Andrew has a wonderful 5 year old godson who loves everything to do with fishing. Andrew is closing in on his 6th billionth dollar and his boy Jamie Slate Harrington couldn’t be happier. The darkness that started 8 years ago is embedded in his mind and sometimes the nightmares still haunt him. Jamie is on the other side of the road looking for some crawdads when Andrew finds one, he yells for his son to come over. He didn't even hear or see the semi truck coming and Jamie doesn't know any better. He looks up just as the truck hits Jamie and sees the boy go flying and then landing on the ground. He rushes to his son and the semi truck going 80 MPH downhill won't stop on a dime. Andrew is crushed by the semi truck and so is Jamie and they both die immediately, the nightmares can't get him anymore.

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