Seasonal Lovers

October 31, 2012
By Ashies BRONZE, Palmview, Texas
Ashies BRONZE, Palmview, Texas
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My lover warmed my body with smouldering kisses. He courted me fields of wildflowers and with a Blue Jay’s chirping kiss. At noon, he’d spirit me away into the woodlands where we tumbled about in the arms of forsaken leaves. His love caressed my entire being; his rays enveloped my unspoken places. There was no door closed for my lover’s lust... All was welcomed.

Until, I met the blue-blooded prince. His embrace erupted chills from my bosom to my belly. And there my snowman grew – slowly as gray skies funneled- within my sack he grew. My past lover; pale with envy sought to start a blaze at the cord. Thus, my current love shut the earth and the light from that man’s jealousy subdued to the darkest hour.

Still my flaring ex-lover sought to consume me. He dressed himself in golden robes and flaunted himself in a flashing manner. My love shielded me from his brilliance. But atlas failed the third time. His power had begun to fail as my past lover’s fire, rekindled the flames of life throughout the land.

HIS touch tickled me with want for the temptation was far too hot. It was then that I realized that my naked skin begun to hate the glacier’s kin and wished for instead an eruption of sin. My affair with the radiant one began as the Lord of Baroness became infected by the heat I would return home with.

More and more I need his burn. BURN me more with your licks and sighs. Lure me in and burn me alive my Infernal love.

Days had passed until I had realized that the iceman had been driven away from our mournful bed, from the land by the hand of my suitor.

My relentlessness panting had its toll and the snow within my belly returned to its nature. I sighed with relief for the evidence had been naturally concealed with no guilt attached to its helm. And when I found myself with a soon to be star. In my belly it sparkled bright. Far and wide everyone could feel my lover’s delight.

Pleasure and ecstasy veiled my days for there was no escape from my love for even the greenery marked his presence. He laid me down upon a field of sunflowers as his fingers flickered through my strands of hair. I marveled at his power at how my soot colored hair turned red in his grasp.

When the waters no longer churned and the west wind howled... my fire fell ill. Draftiness claimed his soul and in fear of being clouded he withdrew in a blue defeat. It was then that the frozen man began to appear at my toes. During the lurking hour- breathing on them- a tropical air.

HIS minty fingertips cooled the fever of loneliness I felt. The sweaty delusions of love I once had became frozen and within our ice cone he shattered them as he destroyed me desirably.

Once again I felt myself shivering with longing. And yet I could not forget my faltering past love for his gaze stroked the temple of my eyes when I’d wake each day. Slyly he’d place himself upon me, giving me warmth, warmth I did not mind accepting because I wanted both the warmth and cold.

Henceforth, I found myself in between the two men one of fire and the other of ice. I found myself with a child from two men one symbolizing life and the other death. I found myself in a quarrel with my own heart and then realized perhaps others could relate for it is hard to choose whom you love when the change of seasons is in our midsts.

The author's comments:
The time of year is what inspired me to write this piece. Whenever I felt the cold breeze setting in , the sun as if jealous would show itself. Similar to jaded lovers. I hope anyone who reads this will give me a a variety of colors when it comes to feedback. I'd like to taste the rainbow and grow as a person and hopefully a writer.

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