My Perfect Summer. (Part 1)

October 30, 2012
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It all started at thee end of 5the period, a few more minutes and we were all gone to thee airport. As we were packing up, thee bell rings. Kids bolt into thee halls, to their cars and blasting their music. As we head off across thee hall, papers are every were my friends and I are laughing so hard because thee hall is such a mess. We are almost to door when I hear someone calls my name and this voice sounds very similar. I turn around and I see Jack. He runs to me and I stay put, I was such in shock. Jack comes so close to me that practically our noses are touching. 'Selena, this kiss may not me the world to you, but it does to me.' And suddenly our lips touch, it feels like fireworks, I know people say it's like fireworks and you're heart beats twice a minute, but this is more then that, I cannot even explain. He swoops me up, I pull his hair and touches my hair so delicately. He pulls out slowly, we both look at each other for a while but then he suddenly said, 'I need to tell you something, I'm leaving to Denver at the end of the summer, and before you left I just wanted to tell you, that you're so beautiful in every way. Not just the way you look but the way you are. You are a pocket of sunshine. And that is why I am deeply in love with you.' It's quite for a little bit, but then both of our tears fill up, I don't know what to say, so I just start by saying. 'I feel the same way, but why do you tell me now? When you're leaving?' I wanted to say more but it was too hard. I start crying, he pulls me in and hushes me in his arm, making me feel protected in his arms. He pulls me back to look me in his eyes. 'I only told you now because, I was so nervous that you would say no, you are so perfect and I didn't know that I would be perfect for you. And then I thought I better do it now or later because if I didn't do it would break me in pieces and it would be to late when I would, when would leave.' It took me a while to get to my senses, I wipe my tears and start talking again ' I just wished that you told me a while ago because I'm going for the hole summer. And I will never see you again.' Jack also wiped his tears, this is my first time I've seen him cry. He never cries. Jack brings me to his arms and hushes me, brings me to a comfort that will forever be protected. He whispers in my ear and tells me 'That he has to go, but they will skype every day.' We both smile, let go of each other and wave good bye. All the girls were whispering back and forth but I could not stop thinking of what just happened. I needed to hide from my mom of what just happened. I told my girls to keep it quite. We head to the car and we head to the airport. We arrive at the airport in Maine and wave goodbye to my mom as we head off to the waiting room, to go in the plane and off to sunny California. As we all sit down. Serena whispers in my ear and points out 'that guy likes you, the hot one keeps staring.' I look if he was and yes he was! I whisper back saying 'Oh my god! He's so hot! I wonder if he's going to the same place were going?' We both look at each other she gives me the "maybe look". We all just start giggling because the guys are so cute!


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. said...
Nov. 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm
Wow! Was not expecting that! It was like school school school BAM love scene. I absolutely loved it. But after the girl and her guy's encounter, I get a little confused. What's this about a hot guy? But I LOVED  the beginning. So cute!
KiraVogt2896 replied...
Nov. 8, 2012 at 9:02 pm
Haha thank you! Oh the other hot guy, is other guy's she might like, but I cant give in too much. Please read the rest of it! :)
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