October 25, 2012
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Lennox POV:

Perfectly waved brown hair, a crisp white t-shirt under what could only be described as a fashionable lumber-jack shirt, skinny jeans rolled up into cuffs. She sat still staring into the mossy green eyes of Lennox. The train bumped and screamed over the tracks, only rocking the standing passenger staring back into the burning brown eyes. The golden sunset lit car glowing from its fuel of tension. The steel edge of the shadow knife cut through the shared gaze. Lennox slid out of the stalled train glancing back at the curious brown eyes watching her every move.
Lorain POV:

I shouldn’t have followed Lennox, I shouldn’t be so curious. I don’t talk to people like her. My parents have taught me to stay away from people like her, by that I mean different. Different from me.


Club Blush was packed with people. The small underground room sparkled with colored lights and glitter scantily clad women threw down from cages above. A smooth glass bar drew Lorain’s attention as she crept along the black walls, trying hard to avoid the touch of any stray dancers. She kept her eyes locked on the green eyed bar-tender who wore almost as little as the women above except for her figure hugging black jeans. Just as she neared the bar a couple of dancing women, wrapped in each others arms crashed into her, obscuring her focus. Lorain seized up, wiping off herself like someone with a deadly disease had just sneezed on her. “Relax, they don’t bite and if they do you definitely won’t catch what they have.” Lorain looked up and blinked. Leaning against the clear glass top of the bar was Lennox.
“Hey-yo,.”Lorain said attempting cool.
“Hey,” Lennox said back with a quizzical smile. “What are you doing here; this isn’t really your scene.”
“Can I talk to you sometime?”
Lennox chucked under her breath as she wiped the bar with a rag then looked back up at Lorain. “I get off in an hour, my coworker dropped off my car so I can give you a ride home, we can talk then. Do you think you can hang around here till then?”
Lorain glanced around her frighteningly new surroundings and nodded.

An hour later Lennox worked her way through the throngs of people to the enclosed booth where Lorain sat, observing the crowd. “Ready?”
Lorain nodded and climbed out of the booth. “Where to?” Lennox led them around the building to a concrete parking garage. Lorain shivered nervously as Lennox punched in the code to the door, and the massive metal gate began to rise. The hollow structure echoed with every step they took. A black Jeep came into view and the lights blinked informing Lorain of their first destination. The doors opened then slammed shut leaving the girls in the deafening silence that filled the enclosed space.
“So, home?” Lennox asked staring straight ahead.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’m supposed to be with friends.”
“So their house?”
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea either.”
Lennox started the car and pulled out of the parking garage. Warm orange street lights passed over head as the vehicle maneuvered its way around the empty Denver streets. Minutes passed before the jeep came to a stop in front of a brick building with a glowing blue sign that announced Paul’s 24 hour Bar and Grill. Lennox slid out of the driver’s side and ran around the front of the car to open Lorain’s door which was already partly ajar. “I’m good,” Lorain said pushing the door closed and making her way into the building. Lennox followed close behind, shoving her hands into her pockets.

A waitress in a bright orange, retro uniform greeted them and scurried them to a table in the back of the dimly lit room. Lorain fidgeted with a packet of sugar for a while before bursting into her rushed and confused statement. “I’m catholic, really, really catholic. I go to youth group and everything. My parents, they’re Italian catholic….if they knew I was with you…..I’m not like you.”
“I never thought you were.”
“I just need to know what you’re like. I need answers. They’ve sheltered me. I need to figure out some things on my own.”
“What do you want to know?”
“Can you be religious? Is that ok? And do you believe you’re doing something bad? Why do you like girls?”
Lennox took a deep breath and sighed. Just as she opened her mouth to answer, the hyper neon waitress reappeared to take their order. “The bar-tender’s special,” Lennox said, smiling gratefully at the waitress.
“Ummm coffee,” Lorain responded, never taking her eyes off Lennox. The waitress disappeared momentarily then reappeared with their drinks, one blue and stronger looking than the other. “Will you answer my questions now?”
“I’m not religious but yes gay people can be, I’m not doing something bad, and I like girls because they are soft and intense and beautiful.”
Silence passed between them.
“You’re not a bad person.”
“I know.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t think you were. I don’t know other wise.”
“You want me to show you?”
“No! No, no nothing like that,” Lorain shook her head adamantly but her eyes gave away her curiosity. Lennox smiled and nodded.
“Okay, whatever you say.”

Lorain’s hand shot across the table and pulled the blue drink out of Lennox’s hand, slamming it back. Lennox watched in shock, with a slight smile still on her face. “Now I know you really aren’t supposed to do that.”
“I don’t care.”
“Okay the,” Lennox said.
“Let’s go to your place.”
Lennox laughed “And you said bringing you home now was a bad idea. I don’t think your parent would like it very much if I was the one who dropped you off tomorrow morning.” Lorain shrugged and took Lennox’s hand, throwing money on the table and pulling her out of the building.

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