An Unexpected Surprise

October 23, 2012
By WokeTiff_ BRONZE, Teaneck, New Jersey
WokeTiff_ BRONZE, Teaneck, New Jersey
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An Unexpected Surprise.

Elena rolls over her hair falls onto her face. She’s deciding to get up or not second guessing herself on her birthday her 18th birthday. She gets up walks to the mirror… “This is it” she says staring at herself strongly. As she walks away from the mirror she grabbed her towel and walks slowly to the bathroom. When the water hits her skin it brings back flashbacks of the accident. Wiping the water from her eyes along with tears, she started to smile because even though she missed her parents she knew they wouldn’t want her upset on her day. Elena grabs her towel and walks to her bedroom to get dressed. She blasts music knowing her brother Matt was already in the kitchen and her aunt was already at work she thought music might brighten up her mood. Looking at her buttoned up blue shirt and jeans putting on her navy blue toms. Of course she puts on her mother’s necklace, turns down the music and walks downstairs to see what Matt is doing. There was a plate of food and a letter with her name on it. She opened the note, without hesitation.
“Dear Elena,

Happy 18th birthday honey I’m so proud of you, your father and I love you very much. You’re so strong and on this day we wish nothing but the best for you, we made dinner reservations last year here are the directions be there at eight love you have a good day at school
Love Always, Mom".
She stopped looked up and put it away with tears brushing down cheeks on her way down , she glances at the clock, it was 8 o'clock already. She grabs her keys and rushes out the door, starting the car she thought about the letter and how it got there in the first place it wasn’t something she understood. She said out loud in the car Before getting out of the car she stopped breathed for a minute so she could soak what just happened covering her eyes, and hearing a tap on her car door.
Looking over It was a guy dressed in a black shirt, dark jeans, hair with tons of gel to keep it up, hazel eyes, and black high top vans but it was someone she never met before and she knew better than to open the door to a stranger but since she thought he was a new student she rolled down the window. “Hey are you okay” he said, she replied “I’m fine just a lot happened this morning” He stared directly into her eyes and said “I’m Stefan” she replied so quickly thinking how cute he was “Elena, sorry to ask but, do you go here?” He nodded and they both shook hands. “Can I sit with you” he asked hoping she would say yes, “Yeah... Why not”. They sat there for what felt like hours talking getting to know each other enjoying their company and most of the time she just listened because his voice was so comfortable she didn't bother to interrupt, she mentioned how they’d been in the car for so long that they were missing class. Especially since it was his first day “Do you have your schedule?” she asked. He handed her his schedule and they walked slowly into the school realizing that the doors were locked. Elena took out her phone and texted Bonnie “Can you let me in; I’m in the main hall front door”. A few minutes later she appeared at the door “Why are you late?” she said. ”A lot happened this morning, I’ll explain later”. Walking inside forgetting she had Stefan’s schedule that she still hadn't looked at she stopped Stefan bumping into her “Sorry Elena I didn't know you were going to stop so fast you sure your okay?” she looked down at his schedule again “It’s okay I didn't mean too, but I realized you take all of my classes”. He smiled at her and they began to walk again she walked to her locker grabbing her English books and closing it heading to class quickly knowing Stefan would keep up. She opened the door and sat down. The teacher didn't question her, but introducing Stefan. “Class this is Stefan Salvatore, take a seat please and copy down the notes on the board”. He sits down turns to Elena who has her head on the desk. "You don't seem okay with your head down, want to talk after class?" She nodded her head looking at his hazel eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek, she wasn't okay and he could clearly tell. *bell rings* She wiped her eyes and acted like nothing was wrong and walked out of class in a hurry leaving her letter she received this morning flying out of her bag onto the floor, Stefan behind her picked it up to hand it back but by the time he looked up she was gone. Bonnie approaching Stefan “Hey, have you seen Elena? She looked really upset this morning by the way I’m Bonnie”. He was curious in thought of where she’d gone “No I haven’t seen her but if I do I’ll come find you, nice to meet you I’m Stefan”. They both walked away going in different directions, Elena was standing in front of her locker. He walked towards her “Bonnie was looking for you; she didn't think you were okay either”. Elena’s head rested on her locker her whole body was shaking with tears; while the hallways became empty Stephan grabbed her hand and turned her around. “I just met you Elena and you’re too beautiful to be crying”. She squeezed his hand letting go gently and hugged him she thought to herself how comfortable she felt with him and as she looked up into his eyes. He pulled out of his pocket the letter she found this morning her face was as pale as a ghost “how did you get that?” as he handed back to her “well when you stormed out of class it fell out of your purse it had your name on it and that’s why I came looking for you." She placed it deeply back into her purse “thank you” he commented on her necklace telling her how pretty it was she smiled and said “it was my mother’s”. “She had really good taste, want to go somewhere?” He grabbed her hand and like lighting they were gone in a flash because little did she know he was a vampire. She screams “How did you do that!” “I can trust you right Elena to keep a secret…” he glanced into her eyes knowing she looked terrified. She was so curious and brave she replied “Yes, you can." He grabbed her again and took off to his house, they walked inside. Everything was so old, and someone was lying on the couch. “Damon this is Elena” Damon’s eyebrow raised up and he stared at her from top to bottom “She’s awfully pretty when you going too.. oh that look, you like her don't you aren't you going to tell her what you are?” At this point Elena was confused she looked at them also looking around at Damon's cup it smelled, smelled like blood. She thought about her morning again how Stefan was suddenly just at her window he could run really fast and blood, putting two and two together “Your vampires”. Damon laughed being sarcastic as ever “She just noticed, but no we’re the good guys Elena in case you’re wondering we wouldn't want your human brain to think that much”. Stefan grabbed Elena’s hand “You said I could trust you...” She was afraid and a lot went through her mind but she liked him, and didn't mind because he looked like the good guy and Damon was just the sarcastic brother. “You can Stefan, I’m not afraid”. He nodded and looked at her he didn't want to, but he thought about it so how her life would change immediately after he did this so he gave it a day.
Elena didn't go home that night she laid down in bed with Stefan soon enough talking about the letter telling him it wouldn't feel right going without her parents so he took her out to a view on a mountain he explained what it was like to be a vampire the traits that came along with it the cravings, not wanting to eat humans. How long it took him to overcome all these things, and seeing how she could handle anything he bit her that night right there on the mountain, he said he loved her. Everything about her he was attracted to but to be with her she had to be one of them, and she didn't mind she kissed him while blood ran down her neck, and laughed. It wasn’t a good decision but maybe it was the right one. She didn’t want to be eighteen just yet and looking at the clock she still had time, for a wish “ I don’t have a wish, you made this night perfect” They lit a candle left it on the mountain he laid her down on the couch covering her in a blanket and sat there watching her sleep. Tomorrow when she woke up she wouldn't look at things the same anymore, and she didn't.

The author's comments:
The Vampire Diaries put into a short story. Elena meets Stefan and Damon in own kind of way of explaining how they feel in love in my own way.

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