My Savior

October 20, 2012
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I'm sitting here cold and alone.
I feel so frighten and confused.
I don't know how to escape from here...
Then suddenly I hear a howl from the distance.
I look up to see that the full moon is out.
I hear the howl again, closer this time.
I know that he is close by now.
I sat there with my arms wrapped around my knees, when suddenly, I felt something furry beside me.
I knew that he would come...
I looked up and saw my wolfie's face blending in with the dark, his eyes however, sparkled a brilliant, icy blue in the dark.
He licked my shoulder softly, then carefully nuzzled his warm face in my neck.
I knew I could always count on him...
I quietly got up and carefully placed myself on his huge back.
And at that moment, he started running...
As the place that I used to call home started disappearing into the darkness, I looked up at the moon and for once, I felt safe...
I nuzzled my head into his soft, furry shoulder and closed my eyes.
And I smiled to myself, knowing that I will always have my wolf to protect me.

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