Lamia Daughter of Hades

October 18, 2012
I never thought that love was real let alone love at first sight. This is a scary thing caring about another person, putting another person before myself. I was going to kill you, you know. I was going to rip you to shreds till our eyes met. As soon as we looked each other in the eye that was it, you were no longer afraid and I no longer had the strength to kill you. In that one single moment I became yours and you became mine. It’s like we are bonded as one, my heart no longer beats for me because my heart is now yours and if I had a soul mine and yours would be entangled with each other. This feeling it is making me weak I can no longer go around mindlessly killing, not without putting you in danger. If the gods find out about this we shall have every demon in hell and every angel in heaven after us, there will be no were to hide just a war between us and them. Our love is not just forbidden but impossible, this shouldn’t be able to happen. Your human and I am the daughter of Hades, you could die with a single cut to your throat and a nuclear bomb wouldn’t faze me. I feel as if love has made me crazy to think I can protect you from the forces of the gods, but this love has given me the strength to try. The path ahead is a dangerous one, and we walk it blind with no direction. There will be blood. There will be sorrow. There will be pain, and in the end there will be us. Our love is the perfect weapon that can conquer all. As our journey begins I can’t help but wonder that maybe I should have killed you when I had the chance, save you from a more gruesome death that is sure to come.

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blbbraun said...
Oct. 22, 2012 at 2:23 pm
you have some spelling mistakes, but otherwise, really good!
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