Seth Envys Lisa

October 17, 2012
By Alexus5211 GOLD, Nanuet, New York
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One Day Embry and Seth were walking to the park to meet up with some friends, and while Embry and Seth were waiting Seth saw Jose. She had the biggest crush on him but she knew she couldn’t have him because he was dating her friend Lisa and didn’t want to mess up her friendship with Lisa and Jose. But one afternoon Seth and Jose were talking and Seth felt like she had to tell him how she felt because she thought he felt the exact same way. So Seth told Jose, a minuet had passed by but if felt like hours her hearts racing, beating so loud you could probably hear it in China.

Finally, five minuets later Jose responded Seth was beyond nervous to check her message, she finally had the guts to read the message she couldn’t believe what he had said “yes, I like you I have since the 8th grade <3 ;)” Seth was super duper happy but sad that she couldn’t be with him. She responded “How come you never told me?” Jose wrote back “because I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way that I did and plus now I’m dating Lisa so its not like we could be together anyways, but maybe in the future if we still feel the same way then maybe we could try something if you like? ?” Seth read the message she knew he was going to say something like that so she wrote back “O ok and yea maybe sometime in the future…” she felt kind of upset that they cant date right now but she said to herself “I wish I had what Lisa has, I wish I should have told him how I really felt.”

So a few weeks went by she sent Jose a message asking could they hang out at the park, Jose said sure why not. So Seth met Jose at the park they were walking, talking, laughing having an amazing time together then they sat down on the grass listening to his Ipod it was a silent for a while she looked at him he looked back at her and BOOM! They kissed. Seth smiled so did Jose but then she knew it made her want to be with him even more, when she got home she called Embry and told her what happened between her and Jose, Embry told her she shouldn’t have done that because it might confuse Jose about Lisa and you. Seth thought about what Embry told her and she was feeling kind of guilty that they kissed but at the same time she was so happy she could not stop smiling.

A couple of days have passed since Jose and Seth have spoke so Seth sent him a message on facebook asking if he wanted to hang out, he responded “sure.” So Seth called Embry and asked if she wanted to hang out at the park with her, Embry said “Sure I’ll meet up with you in a little bit.” So Embry walked to the park and saw Seth she walked over to her and said “hey, what’s up? Etc… So Seth asked do you want to walk and get Jose. Embry said sure why not? So they went and got Jose, him and Seth were talking and having a great time Embry told Seth her and Jose made the perfect couple, she blushed and said “shut up (In a loving sisterly way ?)”

One week Jose scared Seth by saying “if you don’t back off I’m telling Lisa!!” that scared Seth so she backed off, but Jose made Seth upset so she decided to tell Lisa about her and Jose, Seth said “she didn’t mean for anything to happen they were just hanging out as friends and I guess we got caught up in the moment, so I hope we are still friends?!?” Lisa replied minuets latter saying “I understand because I’ve been in that position before so don’t worry about it buddy were still friends so please don’t get the wrong idea that were not and I really appreciate you telling me it means a lot! –Lisa! ?” Seth was so relived that her and Lisa were still friends but deep down she still is in love with Jose and still wishes she could have him to herself…

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