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October 17, 2012
By Alexus5211 GOLD, Nanuet, New York
Alexus5211 GOLD, Nanuet, New York
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One day in 4th grade I had my very 1st crush and his name is Brandon Colon. We we’re kind of friends but not really close friends, I gave him hint’s but he didn’t get them (clueless!!) so the year (5th grade) I still had feeling’s for him and even gave him hint’s but yet he was clueless. But finally after almost 2 years he found out that I liked him and I also found he liked me as well. So we talked and said we should go out I agreed but we didn’t want any drama so we kept “us” on the down low. So we hung out almost every day after school but then people found out we were dating so we decided to break up. Even though I acted like I was perfectly fine… I wasn’t I felt like I was dying inside, but we talked in the woods by my house (that was our secret spot where we always met) and we both ended up going back out during summer break ;). Then the next school year started I ended up living with my dad that year in Wisconsin, we were both upset I was leaving for the year but we both promised that when I come back next year we would start where we left off and then we both said our final goodbyes till I come next summer and winter break. So while I was in Wisconsin I was upset for a couple of weeks but my sister helped me get through it and she introduced me to one of her friend’s brother Micah, we got along great so we dated and our relationship felt like me and Brandon’s relationship and I broke down crying because I missed him so much. Micah came and sat next to me and hugged me and asked me “what’s wrong?” I told him that I was forced to break up with each other so I could move out her with my dad and he said “well, whenever you move back you will see him again.” I answered I knows but all the pain we both went though it’s like a never ending story between us two. So after a while we broke up, and I was sort of happy about that because I was enjoying the single life out there. Finally the school year was over and I could go back to New York to see Brandon, as soon as I got back I called him right away then we met in the woods (our little spot ;)) we talked for hours and hours, then he invited me over his house where I saw his mom again we caught up and spent time together. And then during this August we kind of hooked up and I kind of felt guilty because I’m dating Kevin but I enjoyed it. Very Very long story short me and Brandon will always have something between us. ;)

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