Brewed Awakenings

October 8, 2012
By mcohen GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
mcohen GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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It was a surprisingly beautiful day for the month of January, the sun was beaming radiantly, the birds were chirping correspondingly, and of course, Linda and Scott were on their way to get their daily coffee from their favorite coffee parlor: Brewed Awakenings. Both Linda and Scott lived in Bristol Apartments, worked for the same company Expansao Realtors, and had the same daily routines. Although they practically lived the same life, they have never had an actual conversation, or spoken more than the average “Hello.” “Hello.” “How are you?” “Good.” “Good.” “I'll see you around.” “Yeah.” Every single morning at around eight o'clock, Linda and Scott would stressfully make their way through the busy town of Alderbrooke to go get coffee, and then off to work where they would scramble after their boss, responding quickly to his every need. Their lives were the definition of average, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Nothing different nothing new, same routine for almost every day. Or so it was, until Linda dropped her journal on her way to Brewed Awakenings.

As usual Linda was a few steps ahead of Scott. Linda always liked being first, on the other hand Scott could care less, as long as he got what he wanted. Linda was speed walking, carrying a stack of work documents that reached the tip of her nose, and unfortunately since she was in a rush to be the first customer in Brewed Awakenings she didn't notice that her little black leather journal with pink gem stones outlining the corners slid off the documents and landed on the ground behind her. Scott gently picked up the journal and slowly brushed off the almost invisible specks of dirt, his fingers felt the contrast between the roughness of the gemstones and the softness of the leather. “Linda!” he quietly shouted after her, but any chance of her hearing his yell was highly unlikely since she had already turned right on Peak Street and was probably entering Brewed Awakenings that very moment. As Scott stood in the middle of the sidewalk debating whether to keep the journal for a day or give it to her next time he encounters her, a young man around the age of twenty five who had an open coffee cup filled with coffee in one hand and a chocolate donut in the other tripped on his untied shoelaces and fell into Scotts arms. Scott jumped unaware of what was happening and threw the young man onto the floor and Linda´s journal into his coffee cup. The young man pulled the journal out of his coffee cup, and handed it to Scott.
“Sorry about your journal man” he said and walked off before Scott could reply. “Its not my journal” Scott muttered under his breath as he made his way to Brewed Awakenings where he decided he would rinse the coffee off the journal and return the journal to her at work. But for some reason as he entered Brewed Awakenings Linda was sitting at a table sipping her coffee casually as if she did so every morning. He quickly shuffled into the bathroom hoping she hadn't seen him and began to rinse the journal gently, hoping not ruin anything. He carefully opened the journal and saw his name. Its probably just smudge from all the coffee, he thought, but as he got a closer look at the page he realized that his name was mentioned two or three times on the page. He stared at the page with disbelief, stopped rinsing and started to read what she wrote about him.
Dec 12, It feels so weird to know that I'm so close to Scott but so far away at the same time, we never talk and he never makes an effort to get to know me anyways. Maybe I'm just being stupid for liking him. I mean Scott would never go for such a girl like me, I'm too uptight and he´s more down to earth. It doesn't matter anyways from now on my feelings for Scott, are over. The truth was, he always kind of liked Linda, there was something different about her. He dried the journal, walked out of the bathroom and headed toward the table where Linda was sitting. She glanced up at him and smiled, until her eyes settled on her journal. Her brows furrowed together and her eyes grew deep with fear. Scott who was still smiling handed the coffee reeking book over. Her face lightened and a small smile began to spread on her face. “What happened?” she asked giggling, “It´s a long story” he replied. “Good” she answered, “because I've got time.”

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