The Ball

October 11, 2012
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Walking in, my dress flowing gracefully around my feet, my hair done up in a bun with one little loose ringlet hanging by my ear, my gloved hands giving the slightest tremble, I felt immaculate. I usually do not like going to these balls, and I despise holding them, but I was in a pleasant mood non the less. As I entered the masquerade ball on the arm of my brother, it seemed as if everyone turned their heads to watch my enter. The scene around me was astonishing. The gigantic ballroom, the tables with every refreshment imaginable, the colorful tapestries, and the endless number of guests. It was all too nerve racking.

The second I descended the last step I was swarmed with gentlemen wanting to fill out my dance card. Every single spot on my card was filled, except for the last dance. Just as I am about to venture off to the refreshment tables to fill up before my evening of exhaustion, I hear a slight cough behind me. I think nothing of it, until I hear it again when I continue on my path. Slowly I turn around. Then I see a man in a silvery-blue doublet with matching hose. Before he even speaks I am instantly enchanted by his impeccable smile. There is something familiar about it, but I can’t study him to long in fear of staring (or at least be caught starring).

“Does milady have a dance to spare?” I was so mesmerized by his voice that I didn’t even her the words. He was looking at me with an inquiring gaze in his deep forest green eyes. Then he points to my dance card. Blushing, I extend my hand. After he signs his name in the last spot, he bows, then says “See you at the end of the night”. Just as he is about to turn away I remember my manners, and curtsey.

At the end of the night, with only the last dance left, I go in search of my next partner. I was quite looking forward to that dance, even though my feet were aching. He had enchanted me with his charming smile the moment we met. I hope he was looking forward to this dance as much me. Then, I finally spotted him.

As we got into position I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. Suddenly I realized why he seemed so familiar, I knew who he was. The smile, the deep forest green eyes, the smell of roses and horses. I was dancing with Walter! Walter had many who fancied him. He had entangled my heart many years ago. My heart was racing as I looked into his eyes.

I was so preoccupied with thought that I misstepped. Before I had the chance to humiliate myself in front of the entire ballroom by falling on my rear, Walter sidestepped and caught me. “Pardon me” I stammered. How embarrassing, even if he doesn’t know who I am. I expected Walter to continue dancing, but he just stayed still. I realized how close I was to him. I could fell his breath on my cheek. “Oh, Maria”. Oh, he knows it is me! Before I can even contemplate what is happening Walter is leaning toward me, and brushing his lips up against mine.

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