October 11, 2012
By smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
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A chill ran down my spine as the tears soaked my new blue jeans. My thumb scrolled through the intimate messages shared between the two. My eyes began to swell as I start to remember him leaving to the bathroom a few minutes after she did. Hoping I could erase the message I just saw.
His phone beeped and I picked up to see who it was it was a text from her that read “Are you coming baby?” When that message popped up so did a lot of inappropriate text they had exchanged months before.
My eyes burned with memories of the three of us together. When did it begin? Who started it? I wondered. The questions flew through my head like a fast bolt of lightning.
All three of us worked together at an advertising company. That’s actually how we all met. The company explained they wanted to go in another direction. Instead of the cheesy commercials they were used to. They hired all three of us to help with that. To get ideas for certain products we’d often go out to dinner and relax our brain. That’s usually when they best ideas popped in my head. Though one day Sara was sick and it was just up to me and Andy to come up with an amazing idea for one of our biggest investors. We went to Olive Garden this time, though it felt more of a date then work. Olive Garden is kind of more an intimate setting and with it only being the two us we forgot about the work, and learned more about each other. When she got back things were never the same.
He and I started going out after work. We became really close. It wasn’t long till he asked me to move in with him, even shorter when he asked me to marry him. The wedding was simple. She was my maid of honor.
I tried to remember where this might have begun, though nothing pops in my head. As they sat in their seats he leaned in to kiss my cheek though I quickly pushed him away.
“What’s wrong?” he asked with no shame in his voice. I pulled out his phone from off my lap, with the texts remaining on the phone screen.
Before they could say anything, I grabbed my stuff and just left. I made sure to pack all of his stuff from the house and send it over to her house. Hell maybe they will be happy together. As for me I know I deserve better.

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Came from the 2 prompts "Having an affair, or discovering your partner is having an afair""Your job,or a job you've had"

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